Toshiba L300 Satellite Laptop Drivers for Windows XP

To successfully install the drivers in Toshiba Satellite L300 Laptop with Windows XP operating System

Please follow these steps.

Download the following drivers and install

1. Audio – download these 7 zip files and unzip into a directly.

Satellite L300 XP: Realtek Audio Driver( part 1 of 7 ) (6 MB)

Satellite L300 XP: Realtek Audio Driver( part 2 of 7 ) (6 MB)

Satellite L300 XP: Realtek Audio Driver( part 3 of 7 ) (6 MB)

Satellite L300 XP: Realtek Audio Driver( part 4 of 7 ) (6 MB)

Satellite L300 XP: Realtek Audio Driver( part 5 of 7 ) (6 MB)

Satellite L300 XP: Realtek Audio Driver( part 6 of 7 ) (6 MB)

Satellite L300 XP: Realtek Audio Driver( part 7 of 7 ) (3 MB)

Problem or error while installing Audio driver for Windows XP in L300??

To install Audio Device on High definition Audio Bus

1. Click START
2. Click RUN
3. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt and click “OK”

4. In System Devices >> right click PCI device
5. Click “update driver”

6. Select “No, not this time” and Click “Next”
7. Select “Install the software Automatically (Recommended) and Click “Next”
8. After a while the installation will asks for “hdaudbus.sys
9. Click “Browse” and point to “C:\Windows\System32\Drivers”
10. Click “OK”

Other Drivers


All other drivers for L300 are hazzle free installable and can be dowloaded by selecting the appropriate model from

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146 Responses to “Toshiba L300 Satellite Laptop Drivers for Windows XP”

  1. mustafa hussien Says:

    thanks for this efforts

  2. zeyad Says:

    and thank you for sound drive but where can i find the other drivers Wlan ,VGA card ..etc
    thank again

    • pandy Says:

      i want toshiba satillite l300 audio driver
      realtek high definition audio driver(setup 2.30) R1.64

  3. saysprasad Says:

    Hi Zeyad the drivers can be found at

  4. finocia Says:

    thanks you so much fot this; but how can i be sure that i wont gonna have sum ghosts?

  5. Kajen Says:

    Hey first time user;

    it’s not decting the HD to format and install XP? how did you guys do?

  6. BPM Says:

    I have the same problem, I get a fault_page_in_nonpaged_area error and it shows an unknown disk when choosing what disk to install XP on.

    • waz Says:

      In the bios change the SATA controler from AHCI to compatibility mode, AHCI only meant for VISTA upwards

  7. Ghassi - Best free iPhone Applications Says:

    Great tips mate

  8. Hakeem Says:

    hi, after downloadin the seven drivers, each time i try to install, the system always promt this error message. ” The Archive is either in unknown format or damaged. plz what shuld i do?

  9. furaha B Says:

    Hey first time user;

    it’s not decting Soud,VGA & Ethernet card I’m using WINDOWS XP how did you guys do?(MY Laptop is SATELLITE PRO L300)

  10. Fantasy Sports Betting Says:

    Thanks, this great! Saving me heaps and heaps of time!

  11. Pratik Says:

    hey mine problem is the sound driver is not working

  12. Rene Says:

    Hi all,

    As some others I to did “downgrade” the L300 from Vista to XP.
    All seems to be ok, however, even tho I have the appropiate drivers for the soundcard, the sound is very poor, like over-modulated. Under Vista the sound was very nice….
    Is this a common problem/bug/feature ;) ?

    Also i have the impression it boots much slower and easily floods memory with IE7…….i have 2GB internal btw.

    Hope you have any answers for me, and thanks for reading!


  13. saysprasad Says:

    Hello Rene,
    Please try reinstalling the sound driver, there is no known bugs though in sound it will work fine. Try Mozilla, 2GB is more than enough.

    Thank you,

  14. Eta Says:


  15. jay Says:

    hay guys…i jst formatted my L300 n installed XP…but now i have no drivers installed…sound.. VGA..WLAN..BLUETOOTH..WEBCAM…everythng..its all gone..can somebody help me out with all this please..i so desperately need the drivers.

    • ZAHID Says:


  16. george Says:

    Hi guys ive the same problem with the l300 i cant get the sound drivers to work right its very bad sound, ive reinstalled the driver even reinstalled xp but nothing makes the sound better, i really think the driver is either wrong or the sound card only works on vista as it works fine on vista but i really want xp, any help please?

    • Tee Says:

      Everyone that has sound problems should ensure that wen u install new windows….select the option…”keep drivers” as this will will only install drivers ure comp or laptop dont have and not touch ure audio drivers…….if u already installed windows….boot up and wait for the name of brand i.e compaq etc…(its da name dat comes on ure screen with the f12, f2, esc options on boot up) this is the name u need wen searchin online for their drivers as they are the ones hu made ure motherboard

  17. sami Says:

    it’s not decting Soud,VGA & Ethernet card and wabcam I’m using WINDOWS XP how did you guys do?(MY Laptop is SATELLITE PRO L300)

  18. kudix Says:

    Just how did you guys do it (downgrading) from Vista to XP when i do it my laptop says its not detecting the hard-drive to install xp. Please take me through the procedure I’ve got Satelitte L300

  19. Jenson Says:

    Hi guys!

    I just got a Toshiba Satellite L300 PSLBGG-00N00N. I have installed XP….I am unable to find driver for face recognition security…Kindly help…



  20. Kevin Says:

    Reno…..I am having the same issues as you are, sound is clipping and system is running extremely slow with XP! Have you found out why???

  21. Kevin Says:

    FYI for those of you having harddrive trouble…you have to go into BIOS and change SATA from ACHI to compatibily, hop this helps

  22. Peter Pan Says:

    Concerning hard drive issue when installing XP:

    Change your hard drive from AHCI to compatibility in BIOS.

    Drivers not available for me though… the search continues

  23. mihajlo Says:

    Toshiba satellite l300-1am, the same problem -sound is clipping and system is running extremely slow with XP!

  24. Pra Says:

    Thanks a Lot for your works. it works.


    can be also used to download other toshiba drivers.


  25. ellabas Says:

    Hallo all
    first I do not have very knowloeg on PC I would like to change my vista on MY PC Toshiba l300 to windows Xp

    can some let me know all the steps needed for that

    Best regards

  26. Manlai Says:

    Also I found this; For all of you who had troubles installing the audio driver, make sure you have Microsoft UAA (KB888111) installed prior the installation of the driver.
    Download MS UAA here.
    Hope it will help someone

  27. m3 Says:

    For the stopping and slipping sound when you open programs go to: Control Panel/Sounds And Audio Devices/Audio/Sound Playback/Advanced/Performance and slide Hardware Acceleration to NONE. Injoy.

    • saysprasad Says:

      Hello m3,
      Thank you for the hack

      Thank you,

  28. Maceski Says:

    Solution for slow working TOSHIBA L300-1AM

    There is new BIOS update for this kind of Lap-Top.

    Notebook-Satellite-L300-PSLBGE-OS Independent-BIOS Update

    Last Modified at 14/01/2009

    Works perfectly. My Toshiba starts for 32 seconds and works amazing on Windows XP SP3.

    Have a nice day!!!
    Macedonia Rulezz.

    • saysprasad Says:

      Hello Maceski,

      Thankyou for your hack. But i wont recommend it until new hackers are ready to take the risk of flashing the BIOS.


      • puneeth Says:

        hi prasad how can i download Extract SATA drivers please reply it to ma mail id

    • Kolma Says:

      Hello Maceski!

      I also own Satellite L300 laptop and even when I installed new bios 1.80 I still gave 3 min startup time.
      I also updated other drivers?
      Any other idea?


  29. Maceski Says:

    For all who have problems whit installing XP version on this kind of notebook. Go in Bios and change the ACHI function whit the other(i dont remember how was it i need to restart my notebook :PP) Its work. I work like technical support and i have install 30 peaces of this kind of notebook and everything seems to be OK except the BIOS modifications and i the latest post i give you the link whit the new BIOS and now everything works JUST PERFECT

  30. m3 Says:

    Ur welcome, but for me it was only temporarily, after a couple of minutes it started again to freeze a couple of seconds if I worked on the notebook, so I installed Vista and so far it works.
    PS: If you dont change from AHCI, Advanced Host Controller Interface, to Compatibility you wont be able to install an OS on the notebook, no flashing BIOS required yet.

  31. Maceski Says:

    I already implement the new bios on the notebooks and it works. Staring XP for 32 seconds and working very good whit applications. So there is no doubt. Works.

  32. Tofike Says:

    hi dear
    please recommend me that how i can get toshiba satellite pro ls 300 network driver fo my laptop.thank u

  33. Brian Says:

    Try this package…

    and if you need winrar you can get that here…

  34. SURVIVOR Says:

    My laptop model is Satellite L300 ; MODEL NO : PSLB9U, the operating system is WXP.I have got the driver problem.
    I need the driver for Network Controller (yellow mark in Device Manager).Which one do I have to choose from the list of drivers to download?


  35. Paul Says:

    Just wanted to say thank you very much for this. I have been bashing my head against it for far too long. This worked perfectly.

    • saysprasad Says:

      Hello Paul,

      Good to hear that you no more need to bash your head and break walls. :)

      Thank you

  36. Robert Says:

    Toshiba is delivering L300 notebook without OS.

    Nice product if you already own a Windows license.

    But what about installing it? How to get the hdd controller drivers only to put on a windows xp installation cd or on a floppy disk to use the F6 feature?

    Thank you for any help and or answer.

    Kind regards


  37. Rob Sanders Says:

    Hello everybody,
    First of all many thanks for all the good advices and help i found here. My brother has just bought a Toshiba L300-1BD wih Vista Basic pre-installed. However, after after a few days the computer wont boot fully into windows anymore and keeps stalling. The problem we have is that we have created the toshiba emergency disks as recommended, but they won’t start when put into the DVD-drive. Can anyone tell me please : 1. how to enter the bios in this laptop so i can put the DVD as the first boot-up device or
    2. Is there a button you can push during startup that makes the DVD boot ? (in my Asus i can push the escape button and make the choice that i want to boot the computer with my DVD and not from my harddrive.

    Many thanks in advance !

  38. ROB Says:

    dear saysprasad thanks a lot. the web u posted really helped me to download Toshiba L300 drivers.
    thanks once again

  39. golmarco Says:

    anybody saw AHCI driver from L400-144?
    It haven’t on official site….

  40. Bin Says:

    Thank U !

  41. Jonno Says:

    Thanks buddy worked a treat

  42. k.sathia moorthi Says:

    some steps to work with cmd

  43. 10nutz_413x Says:

    hello, if anyone could help me, i’m looking for the drivers for the light option, u know…brighter / darker (display) and other non vital but interesting drivers, i can’t seem to find ‘em anywhere

  44. alfy Says:

    hai i want the drivers that support the toshiba satellite pro L300

  45. TUNISINO Says:

  46. Pada Says:

    My laptop model is Satellite L300, the operating system installed is WXP SP3. I didn’t have the drivers CD & had a slow startup problem.
    Thank you guys…
    Brian for the installer package every thing worked except for modem but its not necessary I will search the drivers later.
    Maceski for the Bios Update now my laptop starts up within 20 sec. I tried searching google & found that toshiba laptops have a startup problem. Guys having startup problem go for it.

  47. Enlace Says:

    + drivers -> XP -> L300


  48. Antonio Says:

    [Spanish ] Muchas gracias por tu ayuda! pude instalar correctamente los drivers de mi toshiba satellite l300 en windows xp :)

  49. Nana Says:

    It works, so download from this address.

  50. Ashish singh Says:

    i required camera assisstent driver in L300 sattelite toshiba laptop

  51. Sudeep Says:

    My Laptop is Satellite L300 PSLBGG and it had the problem of slow startup for windows XP. It would take 2 minutes before WinXP is loaded fully. I updated the BIOS from 1.20 to 1.80 and it worked like a charm. I was looking for a solution to this for the last 6 months. Now XP boots in 30 secs :-). Thanks a lot Maceski for your great piece of advice and also many thanks to Prasad for this informative forum on L300 satellite drivers.

  52. tsoini Says:

    Please Read!!

    Hi All !

    After changing ACPI to COMPATIBLE to install XP on a Toshiba L300 pre Vista installed. Do i need to change it back to ACPI in the Bios ? I installed Windows Pro SP3 and it runs smoothly and fast dont have all the drivers yet thou! If i have to change it back to ACPI how can i do that ? I have the latest Bios without updating it.

  53. tsoini Says:

    Hi there.

    I installed a clean copy of Xp Pro using the ACPI. When i try to install Matrix Storage Manager it says :

    This Computer dosnt meet the minimum requirements etc ….

    i installed all the drivers after i installed xp pro using ACPI. How can i get it to work ? I have Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 model PSLB1E.

    • saysprasad Says:

      Hello Tsoini,

      Is you laptop working fine? Why is ACPI bothering you? Do you have any yellow exclamation mark at device manager?

      Thank you,

  54. shady Says:

    hello guys !!
    i’m new with laptops and i have toshiba satellite L300 system unit and the model is “PSLBGL -01100L” and i need to install the drivers and i have tried to find them on the internet but i couldn’t … can anyone help me please ?
    i want for vista & xp
    thank you guys !!

  55. tsoini3 Says:

    Hi there saysprasad!

    Well no i dont have any yellows to tell you the truth. Im just wondering if i leave my computer to Compability mode or should i change it back somehow ACPI after i have installed XP ? Im not sure how i should proceed after i have installed xp.

  56. iftikhar Says:

    were i can found sm bus controller

    • Maktama Says:

      Toshiba’web site.

    • miguel Says:

      SM Bus controller only needed by Vista

  57. kity Says:

    where can i get the webcam drivers for this laptop

  58. saji Says:

    i have a new satllite l300-266 laptop i will change xp from vista. but sound card is not support. i am down loading from toshiba site what can ido pls help me. thank u.

  59. mo3az Says:

    IT is fantastec

  60. Ricardo Says:


    I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 Laptop with Windows XP operating System and my camara is not working nor detect
    what can i do? someone told me that i need a driver camara. can you help me?

  61. Rakesh Kumar Says:

    I want toshiba l300 model no PLSBGG-00N00N
    video card for free downloads

  62. Sam Says:

    first for the drivers there is two major link for the Toshiba Satellite L300:


    To be able to take it apart, to clean the fan for exemple:

    For me as told, above, i bought the L300 with vista so i decided to install XP. i did the AHCI to compatibilty trick (as told above). but first problem, drivers (found in the websites i gave) but still the major last problem … laptop slow down …. thought about all (Defragmentation, virusses …) till i found that the CPU overheat 50-51°C and the fan doesnt react as it supposed to do … i cleaned it after openin all the lap (it was not dirty) so my last guess as i read is to upgrade the Bios … i found the version 1.90. i’ll tell you about the result as soon as i do.
    and thx for the community …… hoped i helped a bit

  63. D Says:


  64. saeid Says:

    I have a Toshiba Satellite L300 Laptop with Windows XP operating System and my modem is not working nor detect
    what can i do? someone told me that i need a driver modem. can you help me?

  65. krishnan Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiii , toshiba l300 satellite isno use laptop . it is waste of time using it no drivers .

  66. ousta Says:

    thank u toshiba

  67. Igor Says:

    installed xp on l300 2cr and having problems with ethernet (yellow indicator in DM). also wireless is not recognised. half of official driver from do not work. anyone with a suggestion?

  68. EMON Says:

    I Want Toshiba Satellite L300 – Audio & Lan Driver Software.

  69. shiva Says:

    i hav L300 4012 model toshiba ..! i am struggling to install linux in it..!! is there any procedure for it..!!

    • TL Says:

      Hi SHIVA, I have installed “opensuse 64-bit linux 11.1 desktop” on a toshiba laptop L300 – works perfectly.

  70. uzair Says:

    help me…i want L300-N501 driver(full)…who can help me?…
    give me that driver plz….plz send to this email if any driver ok…plz la…

  71. elhout Says:

    driver laptop l300

  72. l300 2ce Says:


  73. Jayaprakash U Says:

    hai saysprsad…
    those links which u gav above not working… any other links to download drivers???


  74. abdul monayem Says:

    i have Toshiba Satellite L300-2ce. but does not work fn+bright up & down. can you give me software for work bright up & down.

  75. junnymay Says:


  76. Adejo Says:

    i need the vga for L300 toshiba laptop please

  77. obie Says:

    where can l find smc ez card pci 10 adapter (smc 1208)

  78. baba t Says:

    i need vga for satellite pro l300-1a

  79. FaCE Says:

    All the official WinXP Drivers for Toshiba L300x, and come to think of it, any toshiba laptops. Enjoy.

  80. setting gprs Says:

    i use acer, but this post is verry usefull. i will try bookmark first, thank’s

  81. Rudy Silbert Says:

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  82. m.naidu Says:

    i hv Satelite L300 only , i wanna to switch to Win Xp because vista causes problems like Microsoft SQL Server 2005 cannot be able to install , so can u plz tell me from where can i get Driver on single click download all drivers at once or purchase CD at once.
    i will be very thnk ful to you.


  83. P1 Promoter Says:

    Excellent web site, i like it!

  84. miguel Says:

    I changed my L300 to XP yestrday and used the drivers from the folder in Vista that I found in Program Files, no problems at all, everything went fine though the display drivers had to be put in twice as they seemed to offer resistance,don’t forget to change your BIOS to compatibile because of the SATA HDD…the L300 fly’s now

  85. SAINT Says:


  86. rahil Says:

    hi buddis how r u . plz help me i hav toshiba sattelite l300 laptop and hav vista when i m its convert in to windows xp there is problem at hdd protected, what should i do plz reply soon.

    • miguel Says:

      have you put a new HDD in or are you using the one that had Vista on ???? don’t forget to change BIOS to compatibile

    • Noli Says:

      Yes i have the same problem too, its showing blue screen right? Rahil try to change your BIOS settings, about SATA settings im sure it will work

  87. zaman Says:

    I have a Satellite Pro L300. I am looking web Camera driver.

  88. jay tomorrow Says:

    upgraded Vista to Windows XP on Toshiba Satellite L300 – I found “driver Genius” could find all the drivers. Don’t forget to change to “compatibility mode” for the hard drive.
    I am still having problem with XP does not cool the system down “Speedfan” does not seem to be able to keep the system cool. Shows the temperature above 50C and increasing to hot. Maybe the XP driver is unable to comminicate with the motherboard?

  89. naseef Says:

    i want the drivers of toshiba satalite L300 PSLBGG-00N00N

  90. Marc Says:

    i have a prob in the drivers for ethernet controller, audio device on high definition audio bus and sm bus controller. (In accord to my Device manager)

    Pls link me to other sites coz i’ve already tried the toshiba site but Sound and Wlan driver have failed to download, or give me specific driver that i can use. I have been searching for 2months now and no result.

    Series: Toshiba satellite L300-1FQ
    Model: PSLB8E-06M006HAR
    OS: WXP3

    Pls help.. ASAP… Thank you… more power!

    • miguel Says:

      go to ‘Driver Fetch’…. it will give you most drivers…but be careful what you select as it gives some you don’t require sometime…..

  91. Mohsin Jamal Says:

    My laptop has problem with its modem

  92. Lightning Lee Says:

    (Posting from my desktop)

    My laptop is formatting right now and I’m about to install XP SP2 Black Edition. I changed ACHI to Compatibility in the bios. I have all the drivers downloaded and ready to install once everything is good to go. I will report back on my findings.

    I hope this all works out. I’m really wanting to avoid using Vista. I HATE VISTA!!!

    XP forever!!!

    I’ll report back with my findings…

  93. Shimelis Says:

    I have toshiba L300 laptop but the wirless network drivers still yellow what can i do

  94. comet Says:

    thanks for sharing. friend

  95. Laptop reviews Says:

    Thanks I’m looking for Audio driver is fit.

  96. anitha1234 Says:

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  97. surafel Says:

    i need a VGA driver and wiyerless driver to toshiba L300 satellite pro

  98. surafel Says:

    i nee VGA driver and wiyerless driver TOSHIBA L300 satallite pro

  99. akanmu samuel Says:

    my toshiba satellite l300 missed sound driver,driver, wireless driver and VGA driver

  100. taimoor Says:

    i dont got a sound driver,please give me a sound driver

  101. Sari Says:

    bantuin donk cd driver wat l300 model PSLB0L-08502E
    trs gimana cara install xp dari vista

  102. Mark Edward Says:

    I have Toshiba L300 Toshiba Laptops and i have downloaded all the drivers and etc but i did not find any drivers for Camera.

    Is there any any software for Toshiba Satellite L300 Camera Drivers.

    Awaiting for yr reply,


  103. Mark Edward Says:

    Where can i camera driver and software for Toshiba Satellite L300. Thanks.Mark Edward.

  104. Raj Says:

    Pls help me I Want Toshiba Satellite L300 – Audio & Lan Driver Software.

  105. Raj Says:

    pls help me I Want Toshiba Satellite L300 model no- “PSLBGG-02F00N”– Audio & Lan Driver Software.

  106. sasan Says:

    I installed windows xp pack 2 in my notebook Tushiba Satellite L300-2cl and installed driver from one web site for my notebook display and Wire Lens card, but the two cards do not work, why? need on windows Xp pack 2 or no? send to me information by mail;

  107. khalid Says:

    i have laptop toshiba l300 stellite pro .nw i want to use xp window in my latop but i have no drivers for it ..i have searched for drivers bt i couldn,d found any drivers …so help me

  108. khalid Says:

    i have a prob in the drivers for ethernet controller, audio device on high definition audio bus and sm bus controller…also this problem

  109. fucker Says:

    fuck you all!!!!!!!!

  110. jojo Says:

    thanks alot
    what about other device drivers?

  111. device driver Says:

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  112. sherif Says:

    is this file inclides LAN driver ?

  113. abdulali Says:

    please send driver for dvd writer for Toshiba satellite L300 1f8 win7 32bit

  114. laptop Says:

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  115. Dennis Says:

    Hi i need you help please.
    I need wireless drivers for toshiba l300 not audio drivers please

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  124. ann onymous Says:

    Just got a pre-owned Satellite Pro L300 with a failing install of Vista. Rather than restore Vista, I want to install XP but am having a very hard time finding all of the necessary drivers, especially for audio! The download links given above are no longer working, which is not a surprise after this very long time, but I can not seem to find alternate links anywhere! The Toshiba site listed above does not seem to have any reference to my particular model PSLB9A-02L001. Would someone who has this please post up working download links. Thank you!

  125. DB Vehicle Electrics Says:

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  126. Tyree Birkenmeier Says:

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  127. Drivers Of Windows Xp Says:

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  130. Driver Win Xp Says:

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