Compaq Presario C772TU Laptop drivers for Windows XP

To successfully install the drivers in Compaq Presario C772TU Laptop with Windows XP operating System please follow these steps.

I. Get the following drivers and install in the given order only.
01. VGA/Display – winxp_14331_VGAGL960.exe (14MB)
02. WinXPSP2 Enhancements – sp28668_Enh4WinXPSP2.exe (3.3MB)
03. Card Reader – sp33604.exe (2MB)
04. Webcam – sp35414.exe (5MB)
05. UAA Driver for HD Audio – sp32646.exe(35MB)
06. Audio/Sound – download C772 audio driver (click the link to download) (3MB)
07. Modem – SP33442.exe (6MB) (unzip the file and read help attached)
08. Wireless – Manual install net5211 (click the link to download) (260KB)
09. Quick launch – sp38266.exe (20MB)
10. SM Bus Driver – Manual install sp32555.exe (1MB)

II. Manual Installation Help for (06. Audio/Sound)
0. Download the corresponding file and unzip.
1. Click START
2. Click RUN
3. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt and click “OK”

4. In other devices>> right click Audio Device on ……..
5. Click “update driver”

6. Select “No, not this time” and Click “Next”
7. Select “Install from a list or specific location(Advanced)” and Click “Next”
8. Select “Don`t search. I will choose” and Click “Next”
9. From the list scroll down and select “Sound, video and game controller” and Click next

10. Click “Have Disk..”
11. Click “Browse” and choose this folder
12. Select the “/X32/WiSVHe5” file and Click “Open”
13. Click “OK”
14. Click “Next”
15. A menu appears saying “Installing …. Do you want to continue?” Click “YES”
16. Click “Continue Anyway”

III. Manual Installation Help for (07. Modem )
0. Download the corresponding file and unzip.
1. Click START
2. Click RUN
3. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt and click “OK”

4. In other devices >> Right click “Modem Device on ……..”
5. Click “update driver”

6. Select “No, not this time” and Click “Next”
7. Select “Install from a list or specific location(Advanced)” and Click “Next”
8. Select “Don`t search. I will choose” and Click “Next”
9. From the list scroll down and select “Modems” and Click next

10. Click “Have Disk..”
11. Click “Browse” and choose this folder
12. Select the “/SP33442/CPL30A5m” file and Click “Open”
13. Click “OK”
14. Click “Next”
15. Click “Finish”

IV. Manual Installation Help for (08. Wireless )
0. Download the corresponding file and unzip.
1. Click START
2. Click RUN
3. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt and click “OK”

4. In other devices>> right click “Ethernet Controller”
5. Click “update driver”

6. Select “No, not this time” and Click “Next”
7. Select “Install from a list or specific location(Advanced)” and Click “Next”
8. Select “Don`t search. I will choose” and Click “Next”
9. From the list scroll down and select “network Adapters” and Click “Next” wait

10. Click “Have Disk..”
11. Click “Browse” and choose this folder
12. Select the “/WiFi/net5211” file and Click “Open”
13. Click “OK”
14. Click “Next”
15. Click “Finish”

To install SMBus Controller (Not asked in all cases)

1. Click START
2. Click RUN
3. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt and click “OK”

4. In other devices>> right click “SMBus Controller”
5. Click “update driver”

6. Select “No, not this time” and Click “Next”
7. Select “Install from a list or specific loccation(Advanced)” and Click “Next”
8. Select “Don`t search. I will choose” and Click “Next”
9. From the list sroll down and select “Show all Devices” and Click next

10. Click “Have Disk..”
11. Click “Browse” and choose this folder
12. Select the “C:\swsetup\sp32555\XP\ich5core” file and Click “Open”
13. Click “OK”
14. Click “Next”
15. Select “Intel(R) 6300ESB SMBus Controller – 25A4”
16. Finish


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147 Responses to Compaq Presario C772TU Laptop drivers for Windows XP

  1. sunil says:

    still this problem exist for my laptop.. i tried all the way said in this site… still my lap mic and sound does not work properly

    • Sunil Bharti says:

      I found your info very useful bcoz i successfully installed audio driver as i followed ur instructions. I think u may provid more useful tech info also. very very thankful to you.

  2. saysprasad says:

    Dear sunil please explain the problem in detail so that i can work on it. Please mention the checks and troubleshooting you have done so that i can know your skill level with PC and then provide you sufficient help.

    Please check the following :

    1. Specify whether there is any devices listed on Device manager >> Other devices
    2. If your audio driver is installed under Sound, video and game controllers please check whether there is an yellow exclamation mark in front
    3. Is your audio working and you cannot control the volume level
    4. Is your laptop speakers are still playing sound when you plug in headphones?
    5. Is your integrated MIC not working while a mic attached to the headphone is working fine.

    Please check these conditions if your problem isn’t listed please write it here..

    Thank you

    • Amitav says:

      my compaq presario A900 (A931TU) speakers are still playing sound when you plug in headphones.
      I have tried installing different drivers but problem is still there.

  3. mohit says:

    i was not able to install smbus driver by this method& i was not able to find wifi folder in my pc

  4. saysprasad says:

    Hi Mohit,
    You have to check out the device manager for SMDriver in yellow color. (Then only you have to install SMBus drivers this will not be asked if you have already tried installing other drivers which hasn’t been listed here ) Can you specify if there was any errors prompted while installing SM bus driver. Please quote it here.

    About Wireless you have to download the file unzip it and u can find the required file inside its 100% working.

  5. samiran says:

    I have a problem – even if I plug the headphone sound is coming out from the PC speaker along with the headphone. So i have no use of the headphone. How to resolve this issue?

  6. saysprasad says:

    Hello, Samiram
    You havent mentioned whether you have installed the UAA and Audio drivers listed here. If you havent please uninstall the current drivers and install the UAA Driver for HD Audio and audio Drivers as listed here. It will solve your problem. Even after that if the problem persist. Go to control Panel >> Sounds and Audio Device >> In volume TAB >> Speaker Settings >> Advanced.. >> Speaker Setup >> select “No speakers”
    then under the Audio TAB >> select “Use only default devices”

  7. sajid says:

    i hv a problem my sound is still not playing evn after i hv downloaded the drivers as u said its saying there no media for the coantex 221 dont knw wht is it vl u plz help into it

  8. saysprasad says:

    Hello Mr.Sajid,
    If u have previously installed any other audio driver please uninstall and reboot. then install the UAA Driver for HD Audio specified here this will enable the audio hardware. and then install the audio driver. Please get back if you have any problem.

    Thank You

  9. Chandan says:

    i have all the problem mentioned above, what will I do?

  10. CJ says:

    Thanks a lot. It was a huge help.

  11. CJ says:

    great help. however, unable to download modem drivers from the link though. can you please suggest any other location for downloading the same? thanks

  12. saysprasad says:

    Hello Mr.CJ,
    I have checked the link and its working fine now. Please try again.

  13. Chandan M says:

    I have done all of the above but mic doesn’t work (neither integrated nor headphone)

  14. manohar says:

    sir i can not install my sound driver in my compaq presarioc772tu lap top. recently i had installed new win xp os in my system, i read the steps for installing sound drivers as listed above in this web page but i cant find audio devices(otherdevices) iam finding exclamatory mark in ethernet controler what does it indicate. please help me

  15. ravi says:

    please help me out with the drivers of compaq presario c773tu
    on windows xp

  16. saysprasad says:

    Hello Mr.Manohar,
    You have to install the UAA Driver for HD Audio – sp32646.exe to enable the Windows XP OS to detect the audio hardware then follow the steps in the post to install the audio driver. Stick to the defined order and you can successfully install all drivers.

    • Spindy says:

      I am facing same problem as Mr. Manohar. I couldn’t download the VGA driver. Moreover I couldn’t install “sp28668_Enh4WinXPSP2.exe”. Please kindly help me.

  17. venki says:

    hi sir…..i have compaq c772…my integrated mic is not working……..what i have to do…… it a potential hardware problem or a software problem?

  18. saysprasad says:

    Hello Venki,
    Its a software problem. please Install the UAA and audio drivers from here following the steps. This should solve your problem.

    Thank you,

  19. JATIN says:

    I Have compaq c785tu notebook. I want Wi-fi driver for Windows XP (SP2). Can you tell me what I would do to find driver.

  20. manohar says:

    i want to drivers for windows vista please give me web site

  21. windows help says:

    wow.. thanks for the guide

    great information

  22. b.suresh says:

    i have compaq c772tu notebook. i have loaded drivers in the sequence as mentioned. but still microphone is not working.

  23. ANUJ says:

    i hv compaq c772 laptop
    i want to know that does this have bluetooth inside, if yes then where are drivers for this bluetooh

    also in device manager , there is always unknown device shown ,, i dont know what it is,, i have installed all drivers and all are working properly but coudnt find the unknown device,

    could you please explain that what is that unknown device,,

    i have both windows xp and vista,, and it is displayed in both operating system

  24. saysprasad says:

    Hello Anuj,
    C772TU doesn’t have bluetooth, the unknown device shown in your device manager is “Quick launch buttons” Installing sp38266.exe will solve your problem.

  25. narayana moorthy says:

    ya… it works… the solution u gave for installing the drivers for c772 tu model has got a real meaning and gave me the sound from my laptop

    as the same i need one more help in the same way..
    i need to install the drivers for compaq presario a900

    here also i am facing the same problem – ie., could not find the audio device while trying to play music files in media player

    kinly do the needful

    narayana moorthy

  26. Alok says:

    2day only i have dowloaded each drivers which r listed here
    4 Compaq Presario C772TU.But nt sure whether these
    drivers works with Compaq Presario C785TU or nt.Secondly,if possible thn rply me back as soon as possible.

  27. Tariq says:

    I have C772tu laptop….recently i had to format my computer when i reinstalled the windows xp….everything worked perfectly except the audio.
    When i install the Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture for High Definition Audio(sp32646.exe) it starts well saying “Starting install wizard sheild” but soon after this it exits immediately!
    What should i do coz without UAA my driver wont work!

  28. Shabeer says:

    Hi Prasad, I tried to install the Card Reader – sp33604.exe , but i am getting blue screen error. can u help me to resolve this problem?

  29. saysprasad says:

    Hello Shabeer,
    This error doesnt occur if you install aall the drivers in the given sequence. Please uninstall any previous card drivers. And in winxpsp2 card reader is automatically installed no need of this package.

    Thank you,

  30. saysprasad says:

    Hello Tariq,
    It seems to be a virus activity.

  31. Dear Prasad.I have bought one Compaqc772tu notebook.I installed XP on it.I got all the drivers which supported by my u mentioned in the previous posts.But still I am facing one problem My integrated MIC is not working..not oly integrated..external MIC also naot working…can u plz look into it???

  32. saysprasad says:

    Hello Naresh Yegireddi,
    Go to control Panel >> Sounds and Audio Device >> In volume TAB >> Speaker Settings >> Advanced.. >> Speaker Setup >> select “No speakers”
    then under the Audio TAB >> select “Use only default devices”

    Thank you,

  33. prem says:

    my mic is not working after intalling all the drivers in c785tu
    help me

  34. P. Victor says:

    Dear Mr. Prasad,
    I’m really thankful to you. I had compaq 772tu note pad. But I had struggled to enable sound in my laptop. But, with your help I’ve solved my problems. Your suggestions are very helpful to me. thank you… thank you very much…

    with regards,
    Victor Rose.P

  35. Victor says:

    Dear Mr. Prasad,

    Can we convert the keyboard and mouse bluethooth option to other bluethooth devices such as mobile…etc.?

    Is it possible in 772tu notebooks?

    with regards,
    Victor Rose.p

  36. Jai Singh says:

    Thank you very much buddy, I hope I was suffering from these driver issues a long back and get all them here at once. Really good work. thank you … Keep it up….

  37. dineh says:

    i hv problem that when i try to open myt web cam through my computer it did not work and also when i use it on internet it stop aftr 5 -10 min.plz help me i hv compaq c-772 model lptp

  38. hello Prasad, integrated mic is not working in my Compac 772tu Laptop.External mic is working fine.What may be the reason.Plz suggest me…

  39. sridhar says:

    Thanks for the solution

  40. manohar says:

    sir i need compaqc772tu drivers for vista plz sujest me a site.

  41. Angels says:

    I did all the steps given here. However, the integrated MIC has stopped working. WHat could be the reason and the solution?

  42. MKP says:

    Great job buddy …wonder what the world will be without guys like you.. Thanks a ton

  43. Anupam Mitra says:

    compaq c772tu laptop audio , modem drivers for Xp

  44. Suryam Yarrabelli says:

    compaq c772tu laptop modem driver is not available .this made a tuf task on connecting to internet via landline. it’ll be a very pleasure if it is provided in detailed.

  45. irshad says:

    Heare is complite driver istalation salution of our c772tu

  46. R.Ayyamperumal says:

    my compaq 772TU ‘s Mic not working. First audio was not working now from the details of driver in this site i was able to play music but the mic doesn’t work. I hunted in the web but still not working. I used the software driver magician to install new driver but it also failed. ONLY PEOPLE LIKE U CAN HELP US.

  47. R.Ayyamperumal says:

    Dear prasad,
    i have also made setting as said by you in the sounds and audio devices still the mic in C772 is not working in XP with sp2. audio is working. no ? or ! marks is in the device manager.
    Kindly help me.

  48. AShok says:

    sir i have a compaq c772tu. but i don’t have the drivers, and this drivers are not suported plz help me, and give me correct drives…

  49. AShok says:

    what is SM Bus Driver, and what is use it

  50. rupesh says:

    execuse me
    how to resolve the problem of the sound as its comes from both laptop speeker an head phone

    pls send ma all the steps in simple and clear way to solve this problem.
    i hope the best frm u

  51. Harsh Tyagi says:

    hello sir,
    sir i am facing a problem with my C772TU lappy……..
    when i connect the headphone with my lappy the sound comes frm the both ie. frm headphone n as well as frm laptop speakers……….
    i have installed all drivers correctly bt still i am facing this problem………
    i have downloaded all the drivers given on website n correctly installed them………..
    plz tell me wat more i can do to resolve this problem………
    plz help me sir…………
    thanking u………………

  52. ajay says:

    i have a problem from virus so i need os
    so i need for xp3 service pack driver for c772tu

  53. Ujjwal says:

    my model is compaq c797vu. my microphone is not working.
    pls select for me an appropriate driver as early as possible. my os is xp 32bit.

  54. gajendra says:

    hello sir,
    I dont have audio driver of compaq c772tu so how can i install this software.
    reply as soon as possible.

  55. vishal says:

    I have a problem with my Compaq presario, I have down graded to windows XP , and now even if th plug in my headphone the computer speakers are ON.

  56. santosh says:

    how to download C772 audio driver (Audio/Sound )

  57. pravin rai says:

    thnx…man,,,for all ya help…keep giving cool ideas n suggestions.

  58. SN says:

    i have a c797vu. i also had the same problem.When i contacted HP customer care they said this machine has been prepared for Vista only,if u are installing win XP in compaq C797VU 3 problems will be there.
    1.the mic will not work
    2.if u r using head phone u can hear sound both in earphone as well as in external speaker.
    3.Wireless WI fi button will not turn blue even if it is enabled.

    forget about the 3rd point it doesn’t cause any probs,its simple a matter of blue light or orange light. but the 1st n 2nd are really a big issue.

    I updated the audio driver as said above and 2he 2 nd problem is solved….u guys can install it for c797vu too.

    About the 1st problem,its partially resolved.Because my mic is working only if its an external mic.but the inbuilt mic, near the webcam is not working….

    Any solution regarding that????

  59. ash says:

    THANKS BUDDY….it worked>>>:D

  60. harshit kothari says:

    i have installed WinXPSP2 Enhancements driver as per your suggestion,after rebooting my laptop has slow down very much.plz help me to uninstall that laptop model no. is c772tu

  61. Kalpakant says:

    Hi Prasad,
    I am very thankful to you for sharing this useful drivers and methods of proper installation. It worked.

  62. ABHISHEK says:

    I hv compaq presario A931TU laptop…and inbuilt mic of my laptop is not working…please provide me drivers for the same.

  63. swami says:

    i have compaq C772. I installed UAA Driver for HD Audio and ConexantHDAudio_221_XP. But still integrated mic is not working. External mic is working fine . i have made the suggested setting in control panel to enable ‘use only default devices’ .

    Still problem exists:( Please assist.

  64. vasim says:

    Thanks a lot dude

  65. Srinath says:


    my laptop is presario C797VU, OS is XP(SP2).. I have a problem in wifi.. its working fine but the colr is not changing from red to blue… could u please suggest some ideas…

    Problem 2:

    If I connect any USB drive to my system… it wont show the icon (safety remove icon) in the taskbar.. everytime i have to do devmgmt.msc > disk drivers from here I have to remove. could u please give some suggetions..


    • saysprasad says:

      Hello Srinath,

      About Problem 1: Its driver related issue and cannot be resolved until new device driver is available. Please try downloading and installing a later version of driver. The problem 2: is operating system related your OS may be corrupted. Please try installing with a different build of Windows XP sp2.


  66. Ravisankar says:

    Hello Prasad,

    I have a Compaq C772TU Laptop. As u had mentioned here i installed all the necessary drivers and all were working fine until recently. Some days before my laptop’s sound driver got disabled automatically. in device management the Conexant HD Smart Audio 221 is still listed but the media players won’t have any sound and says that no sound device detected. But if i update the driver again using the same drivers it works fine for 1 or 2 days and after that the same thing happens again and again. Please note that at this time the windows sounds work fine like the startup and shutdown sounds, double click sounds etc. what could be the problem? It will be a great help if u could help me…My laptop is almost and year old…

    Thank you

    • saysprasad says:

      Hello Ravisankar,

      I cant find the actual problem. But i think its with your operating system please do a system restore.

      Thank you,

      • Ravisankar says:

        but the problem is only with the audio driver.that is why i am wondering…..all other things are working fine…..and how does windows sounds alone work when media player and other programs are not able to find the sound driver?

  67. Kuldeep Singh says:

    Thanks a lot sir I tried your wireless driver for XP Windows
    It Worked fine. Again & Again Thanks a lot

    Kuldeep Singh Ghantaan

  68. B.Ramkumar says:

    Dear Sprasad,

    Thank you very much for your help. kindly send me your mail id and keep in tuch.


  69. Saurabh says:

    If all instructions are followed, things will work fine. Good work Prasad

  70. hitesh says:

    yaar i tried that sound but a new driver came askin for modem of sound….. help me

  71. nil says:


    helloo man or sir…

    it’s working……………

    offffffffffffffff bhaot prob me thi yar….thanks a lot

  72. balaji says:

    thanks a lot…it was really helpful for me..


  73. balaji says:

    but the problem still i am facing is when i insert ear phones, sound is coming in speakers also.
    and surprisingly when i insert both ear phones and mike sound won’t come either in speakers or in head phone…if you could help me in this regard please send me the solution

    thanks once again

  74. Vivek says:

    The file downloaded from link– 06. Audio/Sound – download C772 audio driver– is corrupt. Can u pls provide some other links

  75. archana says:

    zip file provided by u in link for audio driver is not available for downloading……pls upload once again.

  76. hajarathkumar says:

    sir my laptop is compaq presario c772tu. i want sound drivers fore and install a website please tell that website nam

  77. Lalitha says:

    Thank yo so much for this great work boss!!! 🙂

  78. Rony says:

    my laptop is presario C772tu, OS is XP(SP3).. I have a problem in wifi.. its working fine but the colr is not changing from amber to blue… could u please suggest some ideas…

  79. devaraj says:

    this is driver

  80. devaraj says:

    this is drivers package

  81. Babu says:

    Dear Sir,
    I Like your site!! Thanks
    Plz tell me how and where to download web cam driver for my HP Compaq Presario C797 VU.

  82. Dinesh says:

    I am using compaq presario C785TU Laptop with Win XP2 Install.
    Recently I have formeted my hard disk
    Can you please let me know how can I download drivers nd install
    It will be great help for me


  83. LOKESH.L says:


  84. LOKESH.L says:


  85. ramreddy says:

    sound driver not work

  86. kalyan says:

    Thanks a ton bro it was very very helpful . cheersss

  87. Jag Jandoo says:

    Nice Post
    Everything Is Working
    Very Very Helpful . Cheersss

  88. oruj abid says:

    I am having compaq presario c772 tu with window xp sp2
    my problem is that whenever i start my laptop my sound driver
    disables, and when i enable it ,an exclamation mark with yello circle appers in device manager and again i update this driver with sp35270 sound driver ,then my sound driver works.
    my sound driver is sp35270
    I tried following driver also
    sp33443 , sp35682
    but all have same problem..
    what is wrong with my laptop. kindly help me, i am realy
    very irritated…
    oruj abid.

  89. Gopal Thorat says:

    Please Tell me Prasad Sir
    I m Gopal Thorat
    I have problem for Compaq C772TU Laptop & dont Install ur Audio & Modem Driver Please give me a sollution what can i do?
    this is very urgent

  90. Ravi B. says:

    Thanks Mr. Prasad u r a Champion..

  91. vishek says:

    when i have use headphon in c770tu laptop, but also spekar working in laptop plz help me….

  92. Dinesh Gaikwad says:

    Hi Mr. Prasad
    I am Dinesh Gaikwad. I have compaq C772TU laptop and windows XP OS.
    Whenever i run any 3D game message comes “The game is unable to continue because a Direct 3D display device could not be created.” please give me solution.
    Thanking you.

  93. swarga says:

    Hello mr. prasad,
    I am Swarga Mandal. I have compaq C772TU laptop. I use windows xp and vista ultimate.In both os, I install audio driver respectively. But the problem is whenever I use headphone , sound still comes out from speaker. So plz help me and tell how to solve it in both os respectively….

  94. Dharmesh Purohhit says:

    I’vr compaq c772tu laptop. please give me advise for instal hi dFINATION audio driver ,

  95. Dharmesh Purohhit says:

    not comming step no.9. ” From the list scroll down and select “Sound, video and game controller” and Click next”

  96. jayashree says:


    I downloaded all the drivers, but i am couldnt install winxp-14331-VGAGL960.exe, it gives error, installation stops.
    i couldnt find any options for “Audio device on” also for modems.
    help to solve this problem

  97. Saunak says:

    Hi Prasad,

    Thanks a lot buddy for your help. I followed all your instructions and my lappy is working fine now. You simply rock man 🙂


  98. Rahul says:

    I am using 772 tu and xp, but unable to install audio drivers first I installed UAA and then audio driver but still no sound from my lappy. Please help me in this regard.

  99. smokey says:

    is these drivers compatible for windows 7? or are there diferent drivers?

  100. Anandravat says:

    Thank you very much…………..

  101. neel says:

    hello sir
    plz help me..
    i cnt access wifi.. me installing ur softweare bt still fireweeall error..

    plzz sir hlp me!!!

  102. Puneet says:

    Dear sir,

    i am using compacq presario c770tu laptop i dont have any
    drivers, when it was formatted i loss all drivers

    please provide me & guide me to install all drivers of this laptop

    presently i am using windows xp in this system

    and i notice that my screen resoulation are not good it is very poor,

    please help me to over come from this problems

  103. Srinivas says:

    Thanking you anna. i had very suffered download drivers and how to install the audio to my compaq c772tu looking in other websites.and waste a lot of time. ur website is so helpful and very easily understand to everyone.
    Thanks a lot.

  104. jayalal says:

    Very informative webpage. thanks a lot for sharing these links. These are hard to find on the internet otherwise.

  105. J.Syed Ali says:

    Dear Prasad, very useful & informative article from you. Easy to understand even for a basic user. I followed all the process step-by-step & was able to fix the Audio issue right away, which I was facing for more than 6-months. Thank you so much & wish you good luck.

  106. neel says:

    heellllo sir
    plzz help me…

    when i install VGA/Display….

    see some error

    error executing the specified pogram

    plzz help me sir…

  107. Thanks a lot for this nice and important post. Your post have really save my lot of time.

  108. Anurag says:

    I have recently formatted my laptop and tried to install the drivers. all the drivers are installed except the sound driver hence there is no sound.
    the problem is that in device manager-> sound,video and game controllers only these five options are available-
    1-audio codecs
    2-legacy audio drivers
    3-legacy video capture devices
    4-media control devices
    5-video codecs

    there is no audio device on…. or high definintion audio device, not even in other devices. please help me how to install the audio. i have install the uaa driver for HD audio. still nothin.

  109. dipanjan says:

    thnx prasad
    it work gr8

  110. anu says:

    hi.. i have successfully installed the audio drivers as i followed your instructions carefully.. thank you very much.. keep up the good work..

  111. jitendra says:

    sir… could u provide me sound drivers for copmaq c700 the code is c797vu

  112. nikhil says:

    this driver solve your problem any kind of problem this is a wonderful web of drivers so thanks to you

  113. prabin says:

    thnx dude was really a big help…

  114. for computer speakers, i alway buy those computer speakers that are made by JBL and also Cambridge Soundworks, they sound great~.~

  115. archana says:

    Hi, Link is available for Audio deriver on this site, not working to download file.
    please hellp me and provide new link.


  116. Shakir says:


    Really thanks Prasad your site helped me a lot…

    Guys you can download the broken link for Audio/sound in this link

    Now Enjoy…

  117. Ajit Medhekar says:

    I have COMPAq presario c700 ,on that audio not played,
    so please give me required drivers……

  118. gurpreet singh says:

    there is no driver available in the above given link.

    06. Audio/Sound – download C772 audio driver (click the link to download) (3MB)

    i have compaq C772 in ehich i am running xp service pack 3, and i have installed this driver,

    05. UAA Driver for HD Audio – sp32646.exe(35MB)

    but still my speaker and microphone are not working… so please send me proper driver link in my mail id …..

  119. Partha says:

    wireless driver is not working…………plz give a solution as fast as possible

  120. Vikas Sharma says:

    Hello Sir , I hace c772tu compaq laptop , Using your line and guidence I am able to install all the driver successfully .

    You have given great support , thanks a lot for the same.

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  125. daiwat says:

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  126. SRIKANTH says:

    Thank U , gentlemen

    Once again Thank u


  127. Santy says:

    first link… VGA/Display – winxp_14331_VGAGL960.exe (14MB) … not working (The file link that you requested is not valid.) pls help me out … post another link if u have…

  128. Sunil says:

    please send splay driver for c772tu for xp its urgent . at least provide its specification

  129. sapan jain says:

    hey friend , i have 772 tu with xp , the problem is that i have only sound missing from my laptop, should i install all of them as u said above ,, or direct sound driver installation will do ?? please help ! 🙂

  130. Pradyut Sett says:

    Thanks Boss, Its helpful.

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