ACER 5315 Laptop Drivers for Windows XP

To successfully install the drivers in ACER 5315 Laptop with Windows XP operating System

Please follow these steps.

I. Get the following drivers and install in the given order only.

  1. Realtek HD Audio Driver
  2. Intel Chipset Driver
  3. Intel Graphics Driver
  4. Atheros WiFi Driver
  5. Broadcom Ethernet Driver
  6. Launch Manager
  7. Touchpad Driver
  8. Acer Empowering Framework
  9. Acer ePower Management
  10. Agere modem drivers

To install Modem Device on High defenition Audio Bus in ACER 5315

  1. Click on your “START” menu
  2. Right click on “My Computer”
  3. Click on “Properties”
  4. Click on the “Hardware” tab at the top
  5. Click on “Device Manager”
  6. Right click on “Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus”
  7. Click on “Update Driver…”
  8. Click on “No, not this time.” Click Next.
  9. Click on “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced).” Click Next
  10. Click on “Don’t Search. I will choose the driver to install.” Click Next.
  11. In the list on the “Hardware Type” page, highlight “Modems”. You may have to scroll down. Click Next.
  12. Click on “Have Disk…”
  13. Click on “Browse” and navigate to where you extracted the Agere Modem drivers. Highlight the “agrmdv32″ file and click Open. Click OK.
  14. Highlight Agere Systems HDA Modem. Click Next.
  15. Click Yes on the “Update Driver Warning” dialog.

if these drivers don’t work, try using the Foxconn drivers.


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