Compaq Presario CQ40-108TU drivers for Windows XP

If you are not able to install Windows XP on this laptop please see this post on how to install windows xp in CQ40-108TU

To successfully install the drivers in Compaq Presario CQ40-108TU Laptop with Windows XP operating System.


****************FOR Intel Based laptops**************************


I. Get the following drivers and install in the given order.

01. Intel Chipset drivers – Intel INF driver (2MB)

02. Intel Matrix Storage Manager – Intel MSM (21 MB)

03. Intel SATA driver – driver for SATA (3.3MB)

04. VGA/Display – video driver (19 MB)

05. Intel LAN Driver  –Ethernet driver (4.5 MB)

06. Audio/Sound –  (see the install instruction below)

07. Modem – sp33839_Modem with SmartCP.exe(6MB)

08. Wireless – Wireless_driver (29.4 MB)

09. Webcam – sp35414_HP 1.3MP Webcam Software Drivers.exe (5MB)

10. Dotnetfx2.0 – dotnetfx_2.0.exe (22MB)

11. Touchpad – Synaptics Touchpad.exe (6MB)

12. Quick launch – Quick launch buttons.exe (14MB)

13. Card Reader – driver for card-reader (3.3 MB)

14. Bluetooth – driver for bluetooth (98 MB)

15.HDMI Audio – HDMI-R203.exe (15 MB)


******** FOR Nvidia Based Laptops *****************************


01. Nvidia Chipset  – chipset_driver (2.3MB)

02. nForce Network driver – Nvidia nForce (3.3MB)

03. VGA/Display – Geforce Video Driver

04. UAA Driver for HD Audio – sp33867_UAA4HDAudio.exe

05. Audio/Sound – download C783 audio driver (3MB)  or try sp34386.exe

06. Modem – SP33742.exe (6MB)

07. Wireless –  WIFI driver sp34152.exe (261 KB), sp34510_HP Wireless Assistant.exe (3.2MB)

08. Webcam – sp35414_HP 1.3MP Webcam Software Drivers.exe (5MB)

09. Dotnetfx2.0 – dotnetfx_2.0.exe (22MB)

10. Touchpad – sp35444_Synaptics Touchpad.exe (14MB)

11. Card Reader – Realtech 5-in-1 Card Reader (2.1MB)

12. Quick launch – sp29255_HP Quick Launch Buttons.exe (14MB)

13. Battery – sp32299_HP Battery Check.exe (3MB)

14.Bluetooth – Wireless sp32883.exe




Improving the Performance of Your Notebook PC with out adding additional memory.

Maximize the life of your battery
I. To install Audio driver on CQ40-108TU please follow these steps


1. download CQ40-108TU audio driver (18 MB)  OR SP39671_IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (19MB)

2. Unzip the file to a folder then install Hotfix – kb888111 first ” \SP39671\HDAQFE\xpsp2\us\kb888111xpsp2.exe ”

3. Now install the audio driver ” \SP39671\ setup.exe ”

4. Do not reboot. Now you should be able to hear the audio. If not goto ” Device manager>System Devices>Microsoft    UAA Bus Driver… > Right Click – Disable ” then Enable it again and follow steps 2 and 3.

5. After you hear the audio output proceed to next step, don’t reboot.


6. download “devcon” utility from microsoft.  (78KB)

7. Unzip ‘devcon.exe’ and copy the ‘ I386\DevCon.exe ‘ file to ‘ C:\Windows\system32 ‘

8. Start > RUN > cmd

9. In the prompt type (without quotes) ” devcon find pci*

10. Scroll up and look for a line before ” Microsoft UAA Bus driver for High Defenision Audio” some thing like this “PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_055C&SUBSYS_30EA103C&REV_A1\3&2411E6FE&0&38: Microsoft UAA Bus
Driver for High Definition Audio”


11. Now copy the under lined part from your command prompt by “right clicking on the Title bar>Edit>Mark” and mark the line u need to copy (till the under lined part only) hit “Enter” to copy.

12. In the desktop create a text file called ‘ audio.txt ‘and paste it replacing the underlined characters as shown below with qoutes.


14. Save the file and rename it to ” audio.bat ” now copy it to ” C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu\Programs\Startup ”

15. Thats all now you will be able to hear audio every time you reboot.


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  1. vinhhai says:

    thank you, you is good man. 😉

  2. AndrewTing says:

    finally, i able to install windows xp on Compaq Presario
    CQ40-103TU using the above sata driver.
    Thank a lot, you are very kind,god bless you.

  3. AndrewTing says:

    any body know where to get xp sound driver for CQ40-130TU

  4. Rajnish Kalra says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thx. for providing all the drivers. But i am facing in audio driver. Some one cleared that before installing audio driver- firstly update the BIOS. Pls clear how to update BIOS on my mail id

  5. Rajnish Kalra says:

    How to update BIOS in presario CQ40-108TU before installing audio driver. Pls mail on

  6. jahafar says:

    What are steps you followed to install Window XP on your laptops. Could you please explain this has been my headache since I purchased new laptop.

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    i need cq40-108tu xp driver

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    i need modem and audio driver for CQ40-108TU…….

    tried the above link but it didnt work for me is there any hotfix available to download for installation of modemm driver?

  11. Mr. Aidil says:

    for Compaq Presario CQ40-108TU audio driver, it can’t be applied. I need your help please…

  12. ajay says:

    blutooth is not working in my compaq cq40 108tu laptop i installed windows xp . r the problem is driver?

  13. sanjeev says:

    How to update BIOS in presario CQ40-108TU before installing audio driver. Pls mail on

    • saysprasad says:

      Hello Sanjeev,

      No need to update bios before installing audio driver for CQ40-108TU. I will be posting the ‘How to soon’

      Thank you

  14. Newbie says:

    Thank you so much! Whishing you a happy new year

  15. wira says:

    Its look great, but I need all of these drivers in linux version…I want to install Ubuntu for this laptop, would you help me to find the drivers?
    One more question, I cant find an option to boot the laptop with thumb drive after I press F9 when booting,.. my BIOS version is F12C…

  16. Dr Viet Phuong says:

    thank you very much!

  17. i want graphics driver for xp i have cq40 108 tu compaq notebook pc says:

    i want graphics driver for window xp i have cq40 108tu notebook pc plz anyone have the driver plz send me on this email add

  18. pankaj says:

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  20. Pravin says:

    i have compaq cq 40 108 TU indel dual core laptop , i am trying to install the audio drivers but it is not accepting any of the drivers , i have downloaded from above links also , pls suggest me which driver will require, i think its sigmatel , i have already install microsoft UAA

  21. Nirdesh Tanwar says:

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    Can any body tell from where I may get Windows XP drivers for CQ40-145TU. Please help

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    My special tengkyu for sharing …. I have success install XP in CQ40 …

  25. Arshad says:

    Dear Mr.Prasad,
    Thanks for sharing such valuable details. I am still trying to get fully functional cq-40 108tu notebook. Will get back once completed setup successfully.

  26. arjunadira says:

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    thank’s for the discription of installing sound driver…..

  27. zo1021 says:

    i tried the steps and i test it on virtual box but it still prompt BSoD..T_T

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  29. vivek says:

    What are steps you followed to install Window XP on your laptops. Could you please explain this has been my headache since I purchased new laptop.

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    Can i get the XP driver`s for CQ40-145TU

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    Thanks alot.

    All worked fine.
    Goood job

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    Dear Mr. Prasad
    first of all thank you very much for ur incomparable working ideas. It works great for me.
    Please continue ur tech ideas like this.

    May god bless u.
    hearty thanks from
    siva, salem, tamil nadu

  33. Abhradeep says:

    does this CQ40-108TU audio driver work in Windows XP Service Pack 3?

  34. sanjeeb Ku. Sashni says:

    thanks prasad bhai.
    u r a genius .

  35. Nilesh says:

    need audio driver for CQ40-108TU…….

    after restart the driver get disable
    tried the above link but it didnt work for me is there any hotfix available to download for installation of modemm driver?

  36. dharmedra says:

    i m using cq40-108tu with xpsp2 but whenever i restart my sys. i need to desable and enable the UAA H.D.A.C to get the sound,i have follwed the procedure explain by u. please help me…..

  37. Mogwai says:

    Please send me a step by step on how to install windows xp to Compaq Presario CQ40 notebook. It always bluescreen when did the usual way of installing. Please..

  38. some one need help says:

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    any body know how to slove amd based cq laptos usb problem

  40. Mike85 says:

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  41. jajamija says:

    I have CQ40 103 TU compaq presario notebook installing in windows XP (pack 2). I got 2 problems

    1) battery status not apply in my screen then i don’t know how many time the battery still alive and should be recharging.

    2) power off laptop not off automatically when i turn off my laptop. after my laptop shut down i must press the button off.

    anyone have the driver to solve my problem

  42. Marvin Hung says:

    Hello Prasad,

    Many thanks for this information. I will try this. Just one question, how did you install the windows xp? Can you teach me about the slipstreaming with SATA driver? I think this is the first step as I’ve read in others.

    Thanks again!

  43. sanjay says:

    Dear sir,
    Thanks for your website but when i download sound or vga driver i cant download it can you provide me some tips.


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  45. Jamsheer says:

    Hello Prasad,

    Thanks for your mind to help, all its working fine,but correct CQ40 108 TU AHCI Controller Driver is we can download from here then extract the exe and select “iaahci” when creating XP Disc


    Jamsheer P




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    Thanks for your help, my friend, best wishes to u…….. In Vietnamese we call “Cam on rat nhieu. Chuc moi dieu tot lanh se den voi anh”

  48. mriyankraj says:

    i have compaq cq 40 108 TU indel dual core laptop , i am trying to install the audio drivers but it is not accepting any of the drivers , i have downloaded from above links also , pls suggest me which driver will after restart the driver get disable
    tried the above link but it didnt work for me is there any hotfix available to download for installation of modemm driver

  49. mriyankraj says:

    there is link fail problem to download the sp39671 driver

  50. Chelbie says:

    Thank you so much! Now I have XP on my compaq laptop. You’re great!

  51. Asraf says:

    Thanks yaar..u have given better solution to us but the audio is not working can u briefly explain with figures.

  52. i am not install audio driver compaq presario 108tu in window xp

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  54. Thanks Very Useful Info

  55. anshul says:

    i have compaq laptop cq40-104tu but iam unable to install audio driver pls suggest how can i solve this problem

  56. Yasho says:

    Are these drivers compatible for CQ-40 144-TU model also?
    Please reply, i recently bought this laptop and about to install XP.

  57. Yasho says:

    Please tell me the most important steps while integrating SATA drivers in XP. I recently ran the project and burn the DVD but this bootable media is not getting detected on my laptop CQ-40 144-TU, although the BSOD is not appearing during booting process, which earler was the case with Original XP CD.
    Also in the BIOS (version F.12) options the SATA native mode is not showing, the BIOS has no other options in this model.

    Thanx in advance

  58. CuongTrl says:

    i can’t use Touchpad after install xp and install driver. how can i do

  59. parnox says:

    Yea same here i unable install the audio driver
    i hv follow all your guide step by step but every time i restart my laptop it gone again ….
    can you explain further more especialy step no 12
    is it need quote?
    is it in the next line?

    • saysprasad says:

      Hello Paranox,
      Create a txt file on your desktop and type in this

      within the qoutes paste the text you have copied from the terminal.
      The quotes are necessary.

      Thank you,


  60. Asraf khan says:

    Iam using CQ40-108TU.. Can any one help to solve my audio driver problem in XP….

  61. brm says:

    Dude, Some of the links in the above article are not working. The HDMI audio driver link above asks for a login id and password. Can u help ? Thanks a Lot !!

  62. binsu says:

    Hi Prasad,
    Everything works fine except the AUDIO DRIVERS. The link for high definition codec is not working. I installed the audio file.but no output evenafter repeated install uninstall. A fter pasting dev con.exe in windows/system 32 , I cant find any devices in cmd > devcon find says nothing installed.Could you help on this error .the model is of course 40-108tu.Thanks Prasad.

  63. srinivas says:


  64. srinivas says:


  65. bayu says:

    sir, thanks alot with all your driver given to us…

    but i still can’t use my scroll at my touch pad. the scroll still doesn’t work altough install the synaptic touch pad giving you.

    can you help me to solve my problem???

    thx a lot

  66. indra says:

    heii…evry one,please help me..?!

    i cant install the driver audio for Win-XP SP3.

    Because i need this version.
    Please help me…
    Thanks b4

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    THank you. I have been struggling with the sound drivers for quite sometime. Thank you very very much.

  69. ahmad azhar says:

    need audio driver for CQ40-108TU…….

    after restart the driver get disable
    tried the above link but it didnt work for me is there any hotfix available to download for installation of modemm driver?

  70. ahmad azhar says:


  71. ABhijeet says:

    Your posts are awesome!!really, i was banging my head against the wall after failing to install Xp on my new lap, without your posts i was against a wall!!!thanx a lot for your amazing posts!!!!keep up the good work ; may god bless you!!!

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  73. chetan says:

    Good job prasad. I have installed window xp by process given by you.Thankxx for your support, my provider was saying that in whole delhi nobody can do it except him. Now i have the answer cause of you. thankxx a ton.. anybody having problem installing window xp in compaq laptops can follow above process and if they have still problem they can call me…#9999385022..

    have fun;)

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    May i use your step on xp profesional Service Pack 1.

  80. Amarant says:

    I had successfully install all my driver on my 108 TU, thx to Mr. Prasad. But its really troublesome watching my patch splash everytime I restarts my NB. Anyone know how to hide this splash?

  81. Dhanesh says:

    Hey dude thanks a alot with the stuff.
    If anyone in calcutta or east india is facing problems regarding audio installation on 108tu can contact me ……my email id is “”

    Thanks a lot.

  82. Nicolas says:

    Hi I have all the drivers worked perfectly, except the sound! When you turn off the Microsoft Universal Audio, and turn back … it works when you restart stops working !!!… you help! GRACIAS

  83. Nicolas says:

    hi! thanks to this post I could install XP with my laptop, walk around as much as the perfect sound. When you turn off the Microsoft Universal Audio and reinstalling activate the sound works but when restart becomes silent again, thanks! need your help

  84. Jun says:

    thanks for this article.. very nice.. but the sound did’nt work.. how..?

  85. rajesh says:

    Recently i have installed WINXP-sp3 on my laptop. Everytime i restart the laptop, a message displayed like”New hard ware found”

    Can anyone suggest how to get rid of this message. I am able to hear the audio after restart but only thing concerned here is about the message.

  86. Sathian Purakkat says:

    Thank you very much Prasad.

  87. nitin tyagi says:

    Compaq Presario CQ40-108TU Notebook PC (FU667PA) – Specifications….

    for where i can get the drivers for redhat linux ..

    spcl lan card driver

  88. vishnu. k says:

    Thanks a lot for ur information. i have installed xp as per ur refference. bu tmy hd Audio and vga driver are not accepting. My OS is XPprofessional 32bit with SP3. pls give me the following drivers.

  89. dear sir i have all sound driver but can not install it
    my pc is compaq presario cq40-108tu model
    so how can i install sound driver?
    urgent reply

  90. Ranajit Das says:

    Thanks for your help.

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  92. KESNEY says:

    HELO saysprasad
    i can´t download the audio drivers. this link (15.HDMI Audio – HDMI-R203.exe (15 MB)) need password and user , and this (SP39671_IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (19MB)) don´t works.
    please helpme.

    • saysprasad says:

      Hello Kesney,

      The files are not on my website so Im sorry that the links not working, Now that you have known whats the files to download please google it with the name you will surely get an alternate link.

      Thank you,

  93. KESNEY says:

    thanks for attention,
    here I found a link of audio driver ok but when restart stops working microsoft UAA. I make disable -enable then works, i make the steps with devcon but nothing, do you know if works with xp sp3?
    thanks again.

  94. goutam says:

    sir how can i flash the bios

  95. Chucky says:

    Thank you so much.
    Just one little detail… the audio driver and instalations intructions doesn’t work with XPSP3… or i am a ass :p LOL.

  96. Igor.. says:


    …I can’t download dotnetfx_2.exe. Is it ok not to install this driver….?

  97. indra juga says:

    from others coment below, they said that the audio driver dosnt work with winxp sp3,,, so,,, could you solve this problem…. cuz id like to use win xp sp3

  98. ajhe says:

    Thank you so much….
    my presario cq40 108tu working now with xp pro sp2
    but now…. i can’t install sql server 2000 on my laptop
    help me pls…

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    Dear friend,
    You have given me life since I have installed the sound driver for CQ series. If I ever see you , I’ll really thank you a lot.

    Thanks a million
    Your newest friend

  100. PRINCE says:

    sir tell me how can flash the bios please inform from my email id

  101. AMIT PRAKASH says:

    i have purchased compaq presario cq 40-108 tu model notebook last dec 2008 but i am not intall win xp sp 2 in it.because bios does not shows SATA disable option.
    how i can bios update for windows xp installation .

    plz help me soon.

  102. jcgats says:

    hello everyone! i am also having a problem installing the audio driver since i am using xp sp3. can anyone pls give us any idea on how to fix this one? thanks!

  103. Adnan says:

    I did a clean XP pro SP3 install on my CQ40-108TU today following the saysprasad’s step-by-step instructions. After creating audio.bat file and saving in Startup folder, I rebooted my laptop and observed that sound failed to work. It worked OK before reboot though. Please advise resolution as I have stopped installing further drivers beyond Audio, as I want to follow the order given under Intel based laptops. Would appreciate prompt response.

    • saysprasad says:

      Hello Adnan,

      If you are using Windows XP SP3, Im not sure of the patch will work, And if you are using Windows XP SP2, please follow the steps described as here. Please read the steps over and over , may be you have gone wrong in the phase where the UAA address is copied, normally people copies the whole line, rather that the specified part of it.

      Thank you,

      • Adnan says:

        Dear Prasad,

        First of all thank you very much for your prompt response.
        I took my time whist carrying out Audio installation and I am absolutely certian that I followed word for word as you mentioned. The underline part was carefully copied and verified before pasting across. Sound did work the first time until I performed reboot. I also have a feeling that the patch Audio.bat won’t work with SP3, as it generates an error when hotfix kb888111xpsp2.exe is run the first time. The second time it starts Audio services. If possible, can you please provide remedy with SP3.
        I would have to organise an external USB floppy drive so I can install SATA driver if I were to carry out another clean install of XP, this time with SP2.

  104. anhar says:

    thanks boss so i can instal my notebook, thanks boss, i’m from indonesia

  105. Adnan says:

    Just to add to the above comment. using n-lite to slimstream SATA driver with XP installation files does not allow to generate installation ID in windows activation wizard (once installation is completed), as a consequence to that the user does not pass through windows logon screen and remains on the same window.
    Microsoft help support does not recommend using n-lite.

  106. jcgats says:

    i have xp sp3 and the audio is working now. i just followed the steps above. thanks mr.prasad!

    if it’ll not work you can try to uninstall/install the Microsoft UAA Bus driver for High Definition Audio.

  107. raymond says:

    hi friends , i have fix my sound after reboot but sound will gone once i standby my laptop . any solution ?? can fix it?

  108. joekobamsel says:

    Hello prasad,

    i have compaq CQ40 104TU, i’m trying to install the audio drivers but it is not working. I’m trying to find ISO file for restore driver & i couldn’t find it.
    Please tell me how to install audio drivers, would you tell me the link address for other drivers..


  109. ratan says:

    Can i install windows xp sp2 by following above listed steps or do i need an xp sp3 for my compaq presario cq40 108tu

  110. Adnan says:

    One other way to resolve sound issue is to flash BIOS to f11c. This way one does not have to go through the procedure adopted by devcon utlity. Flashing BIOS, although sounds easy but without floppy drive it requires additional exercise. Notebooks are not coming with flloppy drive therefore, you’d have to create a VIRTUAL floppy drive first (see web sites how to create a virtual floppy drive). This virtual floppy drive can then be used to create a DOS bootable USB thumb drive. Also, copy BIOS files in the same thumb drive and then move USB floppy drive option in top order in boot menu of BIOS settings. Insert USB thumb drive and reboot laptop. The unit would flash BIOS from f12 to f11c and would shut down during this process. Re-start laptop and verify in BIOS settings that BIOS version has indeed changed to f11c. Once that is done than audio driver can be installed from this web site and would start working even if laptop is power cycled several times. This procedure is one time only and I have resovled sound issue using this procedure on my laptop running XP pro with SP3.

  111. herlan@ says:

    blum bisa audionya…
    beneran pake IDT kan?

    kog da tulisan audio not present..

    please help me…

    urgen bwt pacarku nich..

  112. thanks for the help. greetings from the office support compaq.
    You know more than us.
    Bill gate does not want to know about xp, just “Vista” (thanks Bill for $$$)

    Gracias desde Porvenir – Tierra del Fuego – Chile.


  113. Bandula says:

    hi.. prasad..
    it’s good. work very well for cq 40 108 tu


  114. Siva says:

    i have compaq CQ45 207tu laptop. how to install audio driver to this notebook for windows XP

  115. chino says:

    hi prasad.. only the Webcam driver can be downloaded in the INTEL BASED cq40..uhuhuhu please help me?? i cant download the other drivers.. thanks

  116. Chino says:

    >12. In the desktop create a text file called ‘ audio.txt ‘and >paste it replacing the underlined characters as shown below >with qoutes.

    Sir what is the meaning of DEVCON.EXE RESTART? do i need to include it inside the text file???


  117. Bandith says:

    I have that laptop but i cannot download driver for my wireless adapter which is Intel based. You provided link is broken. If you have new link to that file pls email me
    Thanks in advanced…

  118. jay says:

    hi.. prasad..

    how to install audio driver for compaq presario CQ40-108tu?

    thank you,


  119. Karan says:

    why stereo mix option is missing. thanks pls reply sooon

  120. Karan says:

    Need Compaq Presario Cq40 108tu Drivers For Xp. Pls Give me Correct drivers with link.

  121. Sankrish says:

    Dear Prasad,

    Thanks for the wonderful work. Now many of my students hearing sound in their laptop. the link is not working, all the link to be replaced. give me an alternative download link

    Thanks & Rgds

  122. vinay says:

    prasad..your solution to audio issue worked..thanks for the solution

  123. prince says:

    hi! i’ve got a new laptop, compaq presario CQ40-421TU. plz send me some link to get sata drivers for it.

  124. Yoga Herawan says:

    kalo driver SATA buat MSI C400 punya ngak bro

    Thanks before

  125. Henry says:

    All the links for the drivers from the HP China website seems to have been broken… can you please update the links??

  126. ajeet singh says:

    hello please send the sata drivers

    i have compaq presario CQ40-108TU LAPTOP

  127. kapil kumar chejara says:

    sir g main vista use kar raha hu or webcam kam nahi kar raha ha

  128. Shehbaz says:


    Thank u for providing drivers and guidelines. however, i am confused with steps 10-12 for installing audio drivers. If not a problem for u can u pls clear these steps.
    For the time being i am installing the Hotfix – kb888111 each time i start my xp to activate audio drivers.
    Thanks once again for help.

    • kjwan21 says:

      Hey I have the same problem. Each time i restart i’m doing the step by step installation all over again to get IDT working. Please help. May Thanks!

  129. venkat says:

    hi when i am downloading it is showing in chineese language i cannot download any drives can u give me solution to download drivers……….

  130. crayon shinchan says:

    mr. venkat, y dnt u use win7 instead..:)

  131. venkat says:

    hi i cant undestad can u tell be brifly how to download drivers

  132. venkat says:

    hi prasad can u tell the link to download drivers for cq40 108tu i chked the link which u have provided but it is ging to chinese languuages can u chk once and provide me the link the information which u provide is great which i didnot accept from any one thanks a lot prasad

  133. Syahuri says:

    hi saysprasad… thanks for this great post…

    but Intel SATA driver link download is not live anymore…

    can you send me other mirror download?

  134. Ajnas says:

    Hi Everyone.

    If you are in Bangalore and having problem finding Drivers for your Compaq Presario CQ40-108TU, Please feel free to contact me.


  135. Prakash says:

    Hello sir please help me
    compaq cq40 series laptop is windos xp loading but audio is not coming sir plese help the new verson audio bios link forword me

    i requested sir

  136. shiv says:

    any body say i want install win xp but not install win xp after runing the cd blue screen on the laptop
    cq40-117tu plz any one sgess me.

  137. rassak says:

    thanx brother
    you r the great

  138. Rony bjk says:

    Thanks very much guys…..

  139. YOGANAND says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am having Compaq Presario C772TU in this I am getting problem with bluetooth and wify problem it is not connecting properly.

    Pl. advice or if you having any supporting software kindly provide.

    Thanks & Regds.,


  140. can i use this driver in compaq cq35-109tu??

  141. fii says:

    why the url for some driver not found????
    please help me…

  142. mohib says:

    thank you very much prasad…
    really i m happy…
    hats off to you…my friend

  143. Raje says:

    Hi, I tried to download this drivers but non of the drivers are available, all the links are showing page cannot be displayed error message, can any one help please.

  144. mafia kokochig says:

    i have hp presario cq60 it was vista i turned to xp!all dirvers i found them but a very important problem &its very usefull to my work! i dont have STEREO MIX in sound recording:( can someon find me a way to fix it plz?

  145. zo says:

    i successfully installed xp on my laptop..
    thanks. good jobs. cheers.

  146. ivoers_87 says:

    If you have a problem with installing audio on your cq40, just update the BIOS to version f.66
    it permanently slove the problem. GOOD LUCK!!!

  147. Yusuf says:

    Hi, I can’t download above drivers its not opening. I have Compaq Presario CQ40-425TU laptop. I installed windows xp sp2, the problem with wireless internet. Every time I need to setup the waln install drivers when i switch on. Can you help me how to resolve the problem to my email :

  148. sohk says:

    Hi, I cannot download the drivers… The links is not working…
    Please email me at on what to do…

    We have the same laptop so, I think there should not a problem downgrading it…

    Thanks for this great source…
    In return, I can make a logo for this site for you…

    Thanks again…

  149. ANKIT GUPTA says:

    mr. Prasad,
    you are best in your work. Iread your article named “how can i install window-xp in compaq presario cq40 108tu” and I use it. now I successfully installed window in my laptop witout any blue-screen problem.
    you are supereb.
    thank you!

  150. Hi! I can’t download any drivers listed here. It seems broken or maybe blocked. Can u please upload it in some fileservers pls. A lot of help you are giving to us.

  151. shyam says:

    dear sir
    i have compaq presario cq40 108TU model ,originally with vista. unfortunately i upgraded it to win 7 64 bit .now there is no sound in it ,i have downloaded sound drivers from hp website ,but could not get the sound ,the error say .inf file missing
    please advice


  152. vaibhav says:

    hello please send me the audio driver

    i have compaq presario CQ40-108TU LAPTOP

  153. Duc says:

    I am using CQ40-501TU. Can any one help to solve my audio driver problem in XP SP3 ?

  154. Readblack says:

    I just reformatted my xp. In device manager, it shows that Ethernet controller and network controller do not have drivers. These are important for network connection.
    I have laptop with xp OS and it seems HP website only has drivers for vista.
    The drivers you ahve listed up ,link are broken. I tried from other websites they dont work.
    Its is Compaq presario cq40-108TU. p/n FU667PA#ACJ.
    Please help.

  155. Pingback: | thepoweroftheminds

  156. Dipak says:

    sound Driver does not download

  157. Harivicky says:

    In my cq40-108tu i installed xp . when im installing audio driver it shows like installed.. but when im restarting it.. it is deleted.. pls help me to solve this

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