How to install Windows XP on HP Compaq and other new age Laptops

Many of you have come across a blue screen while trying to install windows xp in your new laptop. This BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) is due to the fact that your Windows XP does not have the SATA drivers which is required to detect your Hard Disk Drives. The solution to this is to integrate SATA drivers to your winxp CD, the following steps will let you do it.

If you don’t have Floppy Disk Drive especially on a notebook. You still can install Win Xp by Slip streaming SATA driver into WinXp boot cd using nLite.

Materials needed:

1) nLite(download here), a free tool to help you slipstreaming(integrate) your SATA drivers into WinXp installation disk.

2) Extract SATA drivers  (Please see the corresponding Laptop models for SATA drivers )

(if you are using Intel chipset Intel 82801GR/GH, 631xESB/632xESB, 82801GHM, ICH8R/ICH9R, 82801HEM SATA RAID Controller, get the drivers from here)


1) Get your Windows XP installation disk and copy the contents to a new folder(I named it “WinXp”).

2) Extract the SATA drivers you downloaded into a folder

3) Run nLite->choose “Next”.

4) Now, locate the Windows folder(for me, it’s “WinXp”).

5) Next again and you will come to “Presets”. Ignore this by choosing “Next” again.

6) In “Task Selection”, choose “Drivers” and “Bootable ISO” by high-lighting them.

7) Choose “Insert”->”Single driver”

8) Browse to the SATA driver folder and select either one of the .INF file, I choose “iaahci.inf”.

9) A screen like below will pop-up, make sure it’s “Textmode driver” ( This is the most important step ) and select all of them by holding CTRL+A key and choose “OK”

10) You shall see something like this. Choose “Next” and you will be prompted.

11) Choose “Yes” to start the process.

12) Let it finish and choose “Next”.

13) Finally, you can create your project as ISO image or burn it directly to CD-R under “Mode”. I choose “Direct Burn”. You can put anything for “Label” but not too long. Choose “Burn” and you will be prompted again.

14) Choose “Yes” to burn it to CD-R. Wait for it to finish and choose “Next”

15) Choose “Finish” to exit nLite.

Thats all You can now boot your laptop with this CD and install Windows Xp with out Blue screen showing.



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  1. wei says:

    Thanks for this post! you are the man!

  2. kzha says:

    thanks man
    your help me a lot

  3. Thanges says:

    thank u so much & its works very well

  4. Excellent !!! Thanks a lot…

  5. Okto Wichaksana says:

    How to downgrade Vista Basic to XP Pro ? My Notebook Presario V3221AU.

  6. Poohrah says:

    Thanx so much^^. I upload this thing in my blog. Because Korean compaq users need it.

  7. praveen says:

    nice blog ……………..

  8. Manoj Jain says:

    I followed the above proc. successfully, created the CD but as I run the setup, it loads the files & BSOD appears as usual i.e., failed to install Win Xp. Plz resolve. Thanx

    • saysprasad says:

      Hello Manoj jain,

      It is safe to create the iso rather than direct burn. Create ISO of the slipstreamed CD and then burn using your favoraite cd-burner.
      This will solve your problem.

      Thank you,

  9. Nirav says:

    Hi Prasad,
    I installed Win xp in my laptop Compaq presario CQ40-145TU by following the steps above. But the laptop doesn’t run the drivers i have dowloaded from the following link
    Can you plz give me a link to download drivers for Win Xp

    Thanks in advance

  10. youjijouji says:

    thanx dude’s i hope it’s working like da’ 1’st time i use ur help… XO hehehe give me a good smile

  11. grandpa says:

    tnx for this site need xp drivers (wireless lan) for cq60-204ED

  12. Rajib Mishra says:

    I purchased a CQ40108TU laptop. By following your step i am able to install the Windows XP . First time its running fine but when i shutdown or restart the system its just opening the XP Screen and then its hanged the system and automatic restarting the system and then its shows the message”No boot Device-Insert boot disk and press any key”

    I am waiting for you kind response.

  13. Raminsha says:

    i did what u z and setup started installing windows Xp as normal.. after copying windows xp files, the system asked to restart.. after restarting the system the system hanged up.. showing compaq company name…. Still i cant boot the system… even bios by pressing Esc key….

  14. nikhil says:

    from where can i get drivers for the amd athlonx2 processor in my cq60-101au notebook?

  15. Works for me… success…. great tips… if yau still failed, read this tips may be can help you…


    XP 32-bit Drivers Support for HP Pavilion dv4, Presario CQ45 & Presario CQ40 [Intel Platform]

    Important Notes:
    A. Please read the documentation on how to install the AHCI driver before install XP OS. If not you may encountered
    BSOD issue when installing the XP OS.

    B. Please install the XP OS first before install the drivers.

    C.Suggest to copy the all the drivers from the DVD media to a temporary folder on local HDD C:\ drive

    D.You may need to reboot the system after each of the driver installation

    E.Ignore the prompt for “Found New Hardward Wizard” dialog box

    F.Fn+F4 fix by BIOS F.11E -new!!!

    Drivers installation instruction:

    Please install the drivers in sequence order by going to the respective folder as below:

    1. After you install the XP OS, flash the Bios to F.11E as follow:
    a. Goto BIOS_F.11E and run the Winflash.bat and the unit shutdown after complete the BIOS flashing.

    2.MSUAA -> run setup.exe

    3.If the unit is using the Intel graphic then install the VGA driver from 3.Intel_VGA-32 folder -> run setup.exe

    3.If the unit is using the Nvidia graphic then install the VGA driver from 3.nVidia_VGA folder -> run setup.exe

    4.Audio -> run setup.exe

    5.Intel_Chipset -> run setup.exe

    6.Intel_MSM (Intel Storage matrix manager) -> run Setup.exe

    7.LAN (network driver) -> run setup.exe

    8.FingerPrint(if the unit has FP module) -> run setup.exe

    9.CIR (remote Infra red driver, if the unit has IR module) ->run setup.exe

    10.CardReader -> run Setup.exe

    11.Modem (modem driver, if the unit has modem module) -> run setup.exe

    12.Touchpad -> run setup.exe

    13.WLAN (wireless LAN driver) ->run setup.exe

    14.BTooth (if the unit has BT module) -> run setup.exe

    15.HP3DDG (HDD accelerometer, if the unit has the accelerometer module) -> run setup.exe

    16.HPMWWAN (if the unit has WWAN module) -> run setup.exe

    17.HPWWANCM (if the unit has WWAN module) -> run setup.exe

    18.TV Tunner (if the unit has TV tunner moduel) -> run setup.exe

    19.QLB (Quick launch button) -> run SP38688.exe

  16. If u still not success, please check your media CD Installer, CDROM, or may be your Operating System….

    Thats all…

  17. emonzh says:

    thank bro

  18. ram says:

    hai sir,

    i am facing a big problrm to my laptop, i am installing to display driver to my laptop but this time error and physical memmory error, please halp me my laptop model v3611AU

  19. muthuraj says:

    i’ve CQ40-108Tu laptop.already vista installed i want to remove vista and want to install xp. how?

  20. alexis says:

    thanks for the info…it helps a lot

  21. FAIZ AHMAD says:


  22. velu says:

    thank you very much.. was searching for it for a very long time..
    and finally found it on your blog.. 🙂

  23. I hope so that will solve my problem.

  24. ani says:

    Thanks a lot buddy……………….
    U r the one

  25. Nice Articles, thanks for this, I really liked your blog!

  26. goutam says:

    sir give me link to download to the bios of presario cq40 1334tu notebook for window xp



  28. balwant says:

    how to use nlite software pls send me mail copy of how to creat xp disk in nlite

  29. Danika Thay says:

    Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing

    • sarah says:

      Our team of skilled computer technicians is helping over 10,000 clients and capable of providing you support just like your own internal help desk.

  30. Val Mikez says:

    Come on dude, these facts* and proof* i mean who is posting* lol 😛

  31. You are a very smart person! 🙂

  32. Bari Primeaux says:

    Thank you for your help!

  33. ppk mathur says:

    sir i install win xp professional with xp 3 but after complete installation blue screen come & all thing stop.i have compaq cq 60 104 tu leptop thanks

  34. Manish says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thats wonderfull solution you have provided. Hats off to you.

    Though the SATA driver you have provided did not work on Compaq CQ40-317TU. The Driver worked for me had “Intel(R) ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller”.
    The file details are : Filename: iaAHCI.INF
    ; ** Revision: Version
    ; ** Date: 02/11/2009
    ; ** Abstract: Windows* INF File for Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager Driver

    Its available on intel site :

    I had a talk with one technical person, he says he used SP41610.EXE FOR Audio and it worked perfectly. But it did not work for me. The Modem driver did not work.

    Your method worked very fine. I made a CD and then installed it.


  35. Amol says:

    Thanks a lot man .. great help .. i was finally able to install it on Compaq Presario CQ40 144TU
    If anyone needs help for this particular model, contact me at, above blog is perfect and u shud not face any problems

    thanks again

  36. bullah says:

    where can i get the full set of driver for my new notebook compact presario cq40-153TU, i has been downgrade my O.S fro win vista home to win XP home… but have a problem to find the suitable driver for my devise……. please help me to solve this problem……. your cooperation is highly appreciated …. TQ.

  37. pari says:

    i have cq40 317tu.I got blue screen problem while installing xp. I didnt understand 2nd step Extract SATA drivers.plz help

    • karan says:

      first download sata drivers then integrate it in xp cd with d help of nite software & then boot with that cd else my no.9922259151 i had prepared d cd…

  38. saikalyanapu says:

    thank q very much is 100% working,i got a great solution for my laptop from u .

  39. Dilliraj says:

    oh man TanX a lot…
    i was searching this for a long time

    lol 😀

  40. joginder yadav says:

    thanks man your help my problem shotcut

  41. nsraj purohit says:

    i facing blue screen problem when i installing xp in hp compac prasario cq40 53tu… plz send me solution as soon as possible

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  43. himanshu gupta says:

    sir, i am installing window xp on compaq CQ -40 133TU BY SAME PROCEDURE but this time same error is occuring in installing window xp

  44. sheryar says:

    hi dear how r u ……… notebook not isntall Xp what problem plzz solve this problem compaq presario CQ40 sata driver plzz arange,,

  45. Anbu says:

    hai my lab is compaq cq40108 tu i follow ur steps installing winxp using nlite. the bootable disk is created i put taht disk for installation but again blue screen is displayed plz help me to install winxp into my lab thank you

  46. THEJUS says:

    its okay its possible. but if the xp cd is original(genuine)how to create the sata mode cd.if it created with n-Lite and install to the can we activate the windows online..?? when we created it like pirate.and the serial key will change how to solve this problem??? plz replay me.

  47. mukesh says:

    your help is very helpful for us

  48. Help Me Lot!

    Thanks Dude 🙂

  49. senSorCainE says:


    Ur The MaN!!!! Thanks for d intelligence u shared with uS!!! 🙂

  50. Pandiarajan says:

    Hello sir i am from tamilnadu i install windows xp with ur instructions in the above using “NLITE” software if i used that Cd to install win xp using that CD in my compaq CQ40-315TU i had the same problem (BDS in my laprtop).So Plz guide me.Plz reply for me sir

  51. Bijedner says:


    I purchased a laptop conpaq v3780tu .
    I installed xp black in it but i am not able to find sound drivers.
    If possible pls help me…….
    Thanks ..

  52. MUTHU says:


  53. ranjith says:


    I purchased a laptop compaq cq 40 315au. ( amd athlon)
    how to instal win xp
    pls help me

  54. Elva Ivana says:

    I can complete my instalation, that’s show the message “file achix86.sys could not be found”,

    why ??

  55. lokanath says:

    iam happy to install xp in my compaq cq 60 209. thankyou so much. can i download drivers for cq60-209 tu. atleast video and audio please rply to me

    • Naagarjuna says:

      hey dude u have installed xp on ur lappy na.
      Could you tell me which drivers you have downloaded.
      I too have same lappy…
      in the step 9 we hav to select all the drivers na?
      please help me dude……

  56. alen says:

    kmarin sya pnah instal ni laptop, tapi stelah restart tdk mau booting lagi, knp ya…..???can you help me…

  57. Henry Ralte says:

    Hi, my laptop is cq40-301tu will ur solution work in my laptop? i have already made the cd with nlite as u instructed but am a little hesitant to try it out !!!

  58. Eric says:

    Thank you so very much!!

  59. damien says:

    i have cq40 315TU
    i ve tried the above steps to install xp
    downloaded sata drivers and made
    a bootable iso using nlite. while booting from cd before
    going to the step . press enter to install windows
    i am recieving blue screen of death
    i removed my laptop hdd and started again its the same result . while loading drivers itself blue screen appears
    any suggestions pls

  60. damien says:

    Thanx for ur reply

    But i used the way its posted. i created iso image and then i burn it to cd. i have no idea about slipsream

  61. damien says:

    can any one upload the xp image for cq40 315TU laptop

  62. Shivam says:

    i do the above process but not load win xp in my laptop
    resolve my problem..

  63. Sumit Tripathi says:

    hello sir..
    i m using cq40-108tu notebook with os vista starter..wanna to install xp os..i tried to follow given above step but cant find SATA driver for my model..can u plz give me the link of SATA driver for compaq cq40-108tu..

  64. Sanjay Taparia says:

    hello sir,

    i am using cq40-108tu Notebook. want to install xp os..i tried to follow given above step but cant find SATA driver for my model..can u plz give me the link of SATA driver for compaq cq40-108tu..

    With Regards- Sanjay Taparia

  65. wew berguna sekali ne wat sharing tentang driver compaqnya

  66. kiran says:

    please dont provide broken links for nlite. thanks

  67. Manu says:

    Thanks a lottt Prasad… successfully installed windows xp with ur support, but unable to load touchpad drivers.Can u plz guide me for loding this driver…
    model: Compaq Presario CQ40-601TU
    I tried lot of softpaqs,but nothin itz supporting…
    plz help me…
    Thanks in Adv:……..

  68. ~killer~ KN says:

    Hay man.,
    I have tried it for cq40 601TU, but i found no improvement , the blue screen appears each time..,
    pls help me.,

  69. PG says:

    Dear Prasad,

    Please arrange a bundle of All Drivers for HP dv2713tu to install XP OS.

    Cheers !!!!

  70. Mohamed MST says:


    it’s a nice article

    Thank You

  71. tech says:

    thanks prasad, u alway sloved my driver problems. Thank you very much.

    Increase Internet speed without any software.

  72. SimplyEshu says:

    You Rock Dude… Thank u very much…

  73. Dawa Chhiring Lama says:

    Dear all
    plez help me, i am in so trouble i have a laptop compaq CQ40-627TU plez tell me and send me the link of sata driver which is useable to me.

  74. SALIHIN says:

    TQ Very Much Bro..

  75. soumen says:

    the answer is quite difficult to understand as i am not a computer hubby but if u say this more properly i ll be able to do that?(winxp in cq40-145tu)

  76. prabhu says:

    hello sir
    from your way i installed the xp on my system CQ40-135TU but the sound driver,graphics,disc drive,dvd-rw is not working..
    pls solve my problem

  77. S.JAFAR says:

    i have a compaq c784tu laptop.i installed the win xp problem is audio driver is not here and wifi is not worked properly.there is no drivers in my please help me for drivers of compaq c784tu for xp my email id is

  78. zex says:

    man, i have a serious problem. I have windows 7 now, but i want windows xp . i’ve tried this , but it doesn’t work. i need some help , so please , answer fast . thanks!

  79. Sumanth Reddy says:


    I installed Nero 7 CD DVD burning software on Compaq CQ40-144TU which has Vista ultimate OS. After installing the drive is not visible in ‘My computer’. Can u plz help me how to make it work?

    Thanks in advance
    Sumanth Reddy

  80. myoramon says:

    owh.. no wonder its stuck during boot… ty ^_^

  81. NAWAL says:


  82. AJ says:

    Prasad can u upload that iaahci.inf file dude i dont have sata windows but i have to create one for laptop

  83. says:

    pleas help me!!!!!
    i have compaq cq40 627tu,,I INSTALL XP2 SUCXFULY but driver for VGA n bloetooth can’t to install,,tell me where i can to download,,,send me info to,, n thks much

  84. sachin says:

    thank you very much.. was searching for it for a very long time..
    and finally found it on your blog..
    u r a gr8t person
    thks a lot bro

  85. sachin says:

    plzz help me my laptop compaq cq40 317tu
    not write cd

  86. VAIDESH says:

    hay guy i tried it but unable to do only cds get burn out but vista and w-7 works fine the laptoptop

  87. paulraj.p.c says:


    in my cq40-108tu laptop after installind windows xp as u said,
    it shows error loading os at the time of restart.(when installing ).in bios there is no option to change raid controller. what to do?

    pls reply

    • shel says:

      I have the same model of laptop. I also got the “error loading operating system” message. I used XP sp2 installer instegrated with sata. What am i doing wrong?

      when i installed xp, i just reformat one of the two partition and left the other drive untouched because all of my documents are in there. should i reformat the whole hdd, create partition then install xp to the 1st partition? could it be the source of the problem?

      • shel says:

        just solved it. i deleted the partition then create a new one and installed xp on that partition. my other partition where my documents are located were left as is.

  88. Jero says:

    this isn’t help me at all…. i followed all your steps mut still showing a bluescreen… is there any solution????

  89. murugesh says:

    i have compaq presario C700 notebook pc c797vu, i downloaded audio drive to install but that doesn’t installed that shows not find audio device, what can i do? how can i solve it? help me.

  90. ankit goyal says:

    Hi Friends
    Plz tell me that how to make a non copyable cd or dvd. plz plz plz.

  91. SK says:

    ur a genius boy ,
    i don’t know how i thanks u , but i will remember u rest of my life.
    thank u very much ……………..

  92. btw I found a good Windows Boot CD, works nicely and is easy to use

  93. giv me a link from where i can download all driver for winxp

  94. rehaman says:

    super mama…….god bless u

  95. gobi says:

    sir please give the link of xp with sata drivers .i am having compaq laptop which has corei3

  96. hari says:

    i have compaq cq 61-303sv laptop but i can not install windows xp i need to install windows xp i can or i can not?
    please solve my probleum thanks.

  97. Nadeem says:

    Worked like a breeze. only the links provided for SATA drivers dont work. found them using google… Thanks a lot

  98. Seshu says:

    How to install windows xp in hp envy 14-1015tx notebook pc

  99. sharath says:

    cq40-601tu bios correct version my current v f.11 c

  100. ajay says:

    i did the same whatever u have shown & told on site but is sill blue screen coming on laptop my laptop is compaq CQ40-425TU………..
    sir plz help me

    • ajay says:

      i think sir problem is (i download my sata driver from other site not wher u listed all drivers. because from your site it is not working i can’n able to download from your site). so now plz tell what should i do..
      give me response quick

  101. Naagarjuna says:

    My laptop is Hp CompaQ CQ-60 209-TU

    I have followed Your slipstream method.
    But its not working. Could you please tell me if there is any alternative for this.

    It’s very urgent for me

  102. rohit says:

    good article. I am able to install xp on my netbook now. Thanks

  103. Rabin says:

    rally a great post
    thank you a million for this
    my life was stopped before i found this page

  104. Kamal Kashyap says:

    Hi Prasad,
    I have compaq cq42 139 tu, could you please give me the link for SATA drivers the same.

  105. Milan Roy says:


  106. Georgian says:

    Good article. It was really helpful. Thank you very, very much!

  107. prakash says:

    I’ve been looking for a solution to this problem for many weeks but didn’t find a proper one which could solve my problem.

    Windows 7 is a great OS but it consumes too much battery power so I thought of using Windows XP which had a reduced power consumption. But, I am not being able to install it. It can’t install directly from the CD-ROM so I tried booting. When it says to press any key to setup XP, I press then it says that it is inspecting hardware configuration then at the bottom of the blue screen many texts comes and finally when it says Windows is now loading…a blue screen appears with a STOP: 0x7B error. I searched the whole web. I found a solution which says to change the SATA to IDE in the BIOS setup, but I accessed my BIOS menu but didn’t find anything with SATA/IDE…my Windows XP disc has SATA drivers in it, but when I press F6 during the bottom-texts another screen comes which tells me to press S or ENTER or Esc, when I press S a screen comes telling that no floppy-drive is found.

    My system:

    Compaq Presario CQ42-355TU

    Please provide me with a working solution to this problem!

  108. Sunil chandra says:

    Hi Prasad,
    I have compaq CQ60 104tu, could you please give me the link for SATA drivers the same.

  109. srinivas says:

    i got a problem regarding my lappe compaq cq40-145tu as and when i use to connect internet using any modem to my laptop it runs for while and starts to hang and then i use to switch it off forcefully the problem exists again i switch it on so please suggest me with some useful solution mail me it to

  110. ramaniranjan das says:

    serial 9 i.e textmode is not coming when i am trying
    can u give me that windows xp cd

  111. I have fun with, cause I discovered exactly what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  112. khairul says:

    IT IS NOT WORKING. I have tried by using the right drivers for my laptop. when i started the process as similar as above tutorial, I got error messege before finalizing ends and then after the process finalized, the funny thing is the windows installation files became 10 times bigger (700…MB —-> 7000…MB)
    And nlite getting error when i like to make an .ISO (this may because the windows files so big)
    btw I did the process above using nlite and the windows version is XP professional SP3.
    any body can solve this?

  113. It working fine for me. Those who are facing some problems make sure you have right drivers and these drivers are updated. It will work. Nice post.

  114. shubham says:

    Dear all
    plez help me, i am in so trouble i have a laptop compaq CQ42-451TU plez tell me and send me the link of sata driver which is useable to me .45………………………………………….m face very big problam my email>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> pls

  115. Nilo says:

    My laptop is compaq presario CQ40-125TU… where can i download SATA driver? coz i want to use winxp too but i cant find the driver for my sata… thanks in advance

  116. Erik says:

    i have CQ43-301tu with intel B950. please share for the correct raid sata to be injected to WinXP installation.
    appreciated guys.

  117. sandeep soni says:

    i did’t find sata drive ……… to love this error plz tell me about this whr i found sata drive plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  118. sandeep soni says:

    if i apply this trick then it will work or not…..????? plz nice frnd tell me ….

  119. sandeep soni says:

    any one can tell me how to install win xp in presario cq43 modal plz tell me ..;plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  120. Sony Jose says:

    you are grate sir… it is working fine… thanks

  121. Sandeep says:

    Hi Prasad.. Thanx for such a nice solution… One thing if you can suggest how to make an XP loadable USB pen drive for my hp mini so that no external cd rom is required for that as i borrowed an external cd rom from my friend to do so.
    Please mail me the link @
    Thanx in advance.

  122. hamed nagdy says:

    ممكن نسخة ويندوز xp لجهاز hp compaq cq61 300

  123. vivek says:

    please give me compaq presario cq42 372tu sata driver plz

  124. shree says:

    thanks prasad my problm solve, but i could not find drivers for my lapy compaq cq40-315tu.. can u help me

  125. samearth says:

    hi upto step 13 its ok but i am not able to select mode frm where i have to select mode. i am at step 13 finalize the installation then press nxt and no option for cd writing or iso plz help samearth@rediffmail.coms

  126. Hardik Patel says:

    thanks a lot, Mr. Prasad

  127. Tenuchi says:

    tnx a lot, ur d man! =)

  128. Isaac says:

    Thanks…. it’s working

  129. ramesh says:

    you are our saviour bro !

  130. douglas says:

    i have a Compaq cq57 439wm amd e-300 apu with radeon tm 1300hs 2 core,my motherboard say model 3377,hp says amd A/4/A/50 fch I cannot find the right driver to slipstream xp on my laptop ive tried lots of drivers can u find this for me please im desperate to install xp home help would be appreciated.

  131. zino2100 says:

    tank a lot of

  132. abdullah says:

    hi man i have compaq presario CQ58 AMD E-300 Apu with radeon ™HD graphics 1.30 (64 bit 4 gb Ram win 7 i lost my recovery CD

    i really dont know much about computers i just like to have win xp on what to do? plz help me

    and i need xp &sata to Download free !!

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