Compaq Presario CQ60-101AU laptop drivers for Windows XP

To successfully install the drivers in Compaq Presario CQ60-101AU Laptop with Windows XP operating System

please follow these steps

I. Get the following drivers and install in the given order only.

01. Chipset drivers – nVidia nForce chipset driver & Networking controller.exe (117MB)

02. AMD Processor Update – sp35445 (3MB)

03. WinXPSP2 Enhancements – sp28668_Enh4WinXPSP2.exe (3.3MB)

04. VGA/Display – see the manual Installation step below

05. UAA Driver for HD Audio – sp33566_UAA Bus Driver for HD Audio.exe (54MB)

06. HDMI Audio – HDMI-nForce_HDA_10.3.exe (7.5 MB)

07. Audio/Sound – download CQ60-101AU audio driver (3MB) (see help below to see how to install)

08. Modem – sp33839_Modem with SmartCP.exe(6MB)

09. Wireless – (2.2MB), sp34510_HP Wireless Assistant.exe (3.2MB)

10. Webcam – sp35414_HP 1.3MP Webcam Software Drivers.exe (5MB)

11. Dotnetfx2.0 – dotnetfx_2.0.exe (22MB)

12. Touchpad – Synaptics Touchpad.exe (6MB)

13. Quick launch – Quick launch buttons.exe (14MB)

14. Bluetooth – CQ60-101AU driver for bluetooth (98 MB)

I. Manual Installation Help for (04. VGA/Display)

1. Click START
2. Click RUN
3. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt and click “OK”

4. In other devices>> right click “VGA adapter..”

5. Click “update driver”

6. Select “No, not this time” and Click “Next”
7. Select “Install from a list or specific location(Advanced)” and Click “Next”
8. Select “Don`t search. I will choose” and Click “Next”
9. From the list scroll down and select “Show All Devices” (the first option and not “Sound and video..”)

10. Click “Have Disk..”
11. Click “Browse” and choose this folder (the previous installation temp folder of chipset driver)

12. Select the “C:\NVIDIA\nForceWin2K\18.11\English\Display\nv4_disp.inf″ file and Click “Open”
13. Click “OK”

14. Select “NVIDIA GeForce 8200″

15. Click “Next”

16. Click “Finish”

II. Manual Installation Help for (06. Audio/Sound)

0. Download the corresponding file and unzip.

01. Click START
02. Click RUN
03. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt and click “OK”

04. In other devices>> You will see two nos of “Audio Device on HD Audio Bus”

05. Right Click the first one and Click “disable”

06. In other devices>> right click the second Audio Device on ……..
07. Click “update driver”

08. Select “No, not this time” and Click “Next”
09. Select “Install from a list or specific location(Advanced)” and Click “Next”
10. Select “Don`t search. I will choose” and Click “Next”
11. From the list scroll down and select “Sound, video and game controller” and Click next

12. Click “Have Disk..”
13. Click “Browse” and choose this folder
14. Select the “/XP32/WiSVHe5″ file and Click “Open”
15. Click “OK”
16. Click “Next”
17. A menu appears saying “Installing …. Do you want to continue?” Click “YES”
18. Click “Continue Anyway”


III. Manual Installation Help for (09. Wireless )
0. Download the corresponding file and unzip.
1. Click START
2. Click RUN
3. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the prompt and click “OK”

4. In other devices>> right click “Ethernet Controller”
5. Click “update driver”

6. Select “No, not this time” and Click “Next”
7. Select “Install from a list or specific location(Advanced)” and Click “Next”
8. Select “Don`t search. I will choose” and Click “Next”
9. From the list scroll down and select “network Adapters” and Click “Next” wait

10. Click “Have Disk..”
11. Click “Browse” and choose this folder
12. Select the “/Atheros/net5211″ file and Click “Open”
13. Click “OK”
14. Click “Next”
15. Click “Finish”


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122 Responses to Compaq Presario CQ60-101AU laptop drivers for Windows XP

  1. Vishnu.V says:


    I am unable to obtain (2.2MB).It is removed from the site.Could you please suggest an alternate link.


  2. john1 says:

    hello, only problem I am having so far is the installation of the sound driver. After I go through the manual install of the driver as it says to in the list of instructions it tells me the device can not start with an error code 10. Not sure what this means. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  3. HARRY says:

    pls send ur e-mail id so i have send wi-fi driver in ur email for cq60-101au for xp32bit in my email id my id is


  4. Kshitij says:

    i hve one ques…would these drivers be compatible with XP 64 bit.

  5. sreeni.p says:

    its too helpful.

  6. azhar says:

    thanks buddy for drivers

  7. seema says:

    Is it a problem if don install any of the drivers in order?

  8. MAHI says:

    sound driver not found

  9. MAHI says:

    plz send me link as early as possible

  10. MAHI says:

    modem driver in not downloading

  11. Tuan Anh says:

    thanks you very much, I’m Tuan Anh, I from Viet Nam. I used XP on Compaq CQ60-203TX. my windows XP can’t audio driver, I read do web, now, I can listen music, thanks you agian !!!!

  12. nipun says:

    how do i install xp?

  13. shivaji says:

    Tank you very much. Every thing works just fine. If not too much, how can we make the touch pad enable/disable button work?

  14. Auklesh says:

    I bought…Presario CQ60-111TU and installed “Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio (sp33867)__sp33867″…but still there’s no sound…what’s wrong….

    I’m using XP, SP2

    Please help

  15. kss says:

    very useful.thanks friend

  16. emvee says:

    The manual installation of driver for chipset driver is not working for me..12. Select the “C:\NVIDIA\nForceWin2K\18.11\English\Display\nv4_disp.inf″ file and Click “Open”
    13. Click “OK”

    14. Select “NVIDIA GeForce 8200″

    the step 14 is not showing ???????????????????????????

  17. emvee says:

    modem is not installing also.. error message…

  18. habeeb says:

    facing a problem in wierless lan can plzz tell me in step by step coz i m not that gud in this stuff i will b very happy brother if u help me to this wlan driver and u really did a gud job….!!!!

  19. takumi says:

    i having problem with wireless driver i had done every step that you told us but only wireless driver i can’t install because it’s appear like a we have to choose one of all driver to install so can you tell me that which one is match with compaq cq60 101au because i have done this so many time but can’t get through so pls help me and another person who has problem in same thing bye thank

  20. sreeni.p says:

    modem driver is not working…………..
    pls give another one……

  21. Sandeep Sandilya says:

    Thanks, Dear. It’s Helpful for me.

  22. abhi says:


    I am unable to obtain (2.2MB).It is removed from the site.plz help…

  23. Daniel says:

    i need driver for network controler on Compaq Presario CQ60-110ED. I didn’t find over the internet. A link please….

  24. vinay says:

    hiee….thanks alot for d drivers bt cn u tell me….is there any link for vga driver actually its nt working…

  25. akinwumi - bamidele says:

    u guys are just too much i was able to fixed my system downloading the software from this site. thanks very kindly!

  26. vinay says:

    sir m havng problem wid installing d network controller driver its shwng a msg “der is no NAM feature supported on this platform…sir plzz tell me…wt to do..?

  27. kalpesh says:

    Thnks very much for this drivers for cq60 101Au

  28. vam says:

    Thnx dude i got video drivers 4 my Compaq presario CQ60

    Thnk u again…!!!!

  29. Siddu says:

    Great help from your side prasad thx a lot keep up the good work………

  30. Siddu says:

    Can you send me the procedure how to install the audio drivers i am not finding the audio devices in other devices as you have mentioned … thanks in advance

  31. Shivaji says:

    Hi, Thanks for all the drivers. i am able to install all successfully and I am able to use it without any trouble. But the built in microphone beside the web cam doesn’t work at all. I am not sure how to fix this. Any suggestion or help is appreciated.

  32. Chong Ka Jun says:

    where can i download the bluetooth driver for Compaq Presario Cq60-211DX …..because my computer before is window vista but i have a software cannot support it so i downgrade window vista to window xp

  33. tejas says:

    i didnt got bluetooth driver

  34. sonu says:

    plz driver for cq60-101au laptop

  35. Shina says:

    SOUND didn’t work yet

    i need help on it

  36. yousuf says:

    Hi, thank you for the drivers,
    i was unable to download (2.2MB).It is removed from the site.
    & also could not find CQ60-101AU driver for bluetooth
    plz help…

  37. Hi,

    Sir can u send me link of Bluetooth CQ60-101 for windows xp.

    this is link does not work.

    this is something like chines language.

  38. pradheep says:

    i want compaq presario cq60 drivers for xp files please sent details

  39. shahinsha says:

    very thanks to prasad

  40. nipun says:

    I’ve read that this laptop is not designed for use with xp.
    I switched to Ubuntu 9.04 after many occurences of the system “running hot” with temperatures reaching upto 80+ degrees (eg: while playing Bioshock), around 70+ degrees during moderate-heavy multitasking. Temperatures varied around 60 degrees during normal usage (eg. working with office productivity suites). CoreTemp was used to monitor the temperatures. The system runs quite faster and much cooler now with Ubuntu.
    I live in a coastal city in India- so the ambient temperatures are quite moderated.

    It’s required to install the NVIDIA driver in Ubuntu. You can do so as follows:
    “Download nVidia driver at and place it at your home directory. After downloading, close all open windows and press F1. Log in and enter password and then just connect to the internet. Press F2, kill gdm or kdm season by entering sudo killall , example:

    sudo killall gdm

    Install the nvidia driver. Make sure you are in the nvidia driver directory. If you downloaded it and placed it on the Desktop, make sure to change directories first.

    cd Desktop

    To install it, enter /NVIDIA-Linux-x**-***.** For example, if you downloaded Nvidia version 173.80:

    sudo sh

    choose yes to any verbose response. After you are finished installing the driver, reboot your computer.

    sudo reboot ”

    “Fresh,out of the box” Ubuntu cannot play non-free formats such as mp3,mpeg, etc- one must download the plugins. One way of doing it is to simply try to play the unsupported format with an appropriate player. The player will prompt to search for the plugin-set. Have your system connected to the net and allow the download.

  41. Renuols says:

    Hi. Compaq CQ60-415EN sound driver ???? 🙂

  42. umesh says:

    i want cq60-106au all driver.
    if cq60-101au driver r same than i use
    if not than send me link compaq cq60-101au ,
    i am waiting your reply .

    • lakshman says:

      i want i want cq60-106au all driver.
      if cq60-101au driver r same than i use
      if not than send me link compaq cq60-101au ,
      i am waiting your reply ……………………plese ………….

  43. sourabh says:

    hi i am sourabh plz send compaq cq60 drivers plzzz

  44. kevin says:

    thanks dude it is very useful………….

  45. Abhina says:

    Plz help me. i tried a lot but nothing came out. need d proper driver for wireless for CQ60-101AU. i hope u guys could help to come over this problem.
    Plz help. 😦

  46. Abhina says:

    M done. my suggestion to u all will b that b4 installing ur drivers disable them.

  47. Bert says:

    PLz Help, Presario CQ60320EA drivers urgently needed, i tried the drivers you supplied but most dont work.

  48. nitul says:

    lan driver not getting

    • cabgolf says:

      Had the same problem & searched the internet for the solution. No joy there. Here it is….found it myself.

      1st you have to format the hard drive and use your windows xp cd etc etc.

      I installed windows XP home edition 2000 edition(no service packs) & had no sound.

      Forget the other suggestions & progressively install all the service packs via online downloads. When you have successfully installed service pack 3, bingo!..all the required drivers/firmware will be installed. Restart your computer once sp3 is installed & all will fine…I hope!

      Good luck.


      Once a computer guru, circa 1987

  49. anil says:

    pls send me the Compaq Presario CQ60-101AU laptop drivers for Windows XP
    2)wirless atheros

  50. vijay says:

    thanks for your kind service, your help will always on work with me

  51. manish says:


    I have a problem with the sound and wifi of my compaq cq60-101 au laptop. plz send me the drivers of the same. plzzzzzzzzzzz help

    • vijay kumar says:

      i can not able to install sound driver for compaq presario cq60 101au for xp please send all driver for this and whole manual process for installation.i try 2 to 3 times but now evet i have a problem with sound.please help me immediately please

  52. Mussadeg says:

    Thank you .. you helped a lot ..

    thanx again

  53. prakash says:

    sir after installing all the drivers provided by you , i need 1 more driver ie. Modem device on High Definition Audio Bus

    i think due to dis i m not able 2 hear anything……..the sound comes and disappears!! It appears suddenly at any time !!

    plz help

  54. Danish says:

    Hi thatnk you for the upload. Even if some of the links dont work atleast we getr to know where to look, The god damn Hp site doesn’t even do so much. Thank you once again.

  55. danish says:

    this is the link for the audio driver for the same. I hope it works for you.

  56. ramanmistri says:

    dear firend
    i m not able to install sound driver becose there not showing Audio Device on HD Audio Bus divice
    plz send me a solution for this proble as soon as posible

  57. ramanmistri says:

    can u send me a bluetooth driver new name

  58. prakash says:

    hey danish thanks, but that upgraded audio driver doesnt work !!!
    Can u help in other way ??

  59. Hardik says:

    Thank you sir…
    I am Hardik and a would like to tell U i was trying for this drivers befor long time and i got successed with help from you agaim thanks sir….
    ……………………………And one thinks……………………………..
    i have still in one problem i can not saw device manager
    complitly with full sign …… In other device
    audio device on high defination audio bus and
    modem device on high defination audio bus
    have in yello symbol not work properly and driver not finding so how can i do for this.

    my id is:-
    …………………………..please give me feedback…………………


  60. Hardik says:

    Thank you sir…
    I am Hardik and a would like to tell U i was trying for this drivers befor long time and i got successed with help from you agaim thanks sir….
    ……………………………And one thinks……………………………..
    i have still in one problem i can not saw device manager
    complitly with full sign …… In other device
    audio device on high defination audio bus and
    modem device on high defination audio bus
    have in yello symbol not work properly and driver not finding so how can i do for this.

    my id is:-
    …………………………..please give me feedback…………………


  61. tareq _dm says:

    i want driver for CQ60 EJ220 IN WIN XP.

  62. Suresh says:

    thnks I could install audio as per the help.

  63. Sandip says:

    Thanks for the drivers mate.. it was really helpfull..
    I am facing a problem with the audio though..whenever I play at full volume or even at 70% volume.. the sound breaks very badly.. it feel like someone is stabbing me on my chest!!!! we all love our laptops u there anything I can do about this.. I hav tried all sound settings..

  64. prakash says:

    I dont know if anyone else is facing this problem or not and would really appreciate if someone can offer me help on this. I bought this laptop Compaq CQ60-101AU last year, Oct 2008 to be precise. And I have been kind of having this problem since then but never was sure if it was actually a problem or not. In most laptops, the moment an external speaker or headphone is connected to the port, sound output then comes out only from the speaker/headphone. But in my machine, the laptop speakers continue to operate in addition to sound output from the external speaker/headphone. Is there any technical issue or something that I need to do with adjust with the software so that this issue can be resolved. Its not interfering as such with any kind of work but just a query which I been having for sometime.

  65. ramesh says:

    please let me know were i can get the drivers for wired lan connection.
    i am really helpless

  66. copibar says:

    Thanks Buddy …… Many many Thanks

    It’s too Help Full

  67. rahul says:

    i cant download bluetooth drivers here…

  68. tejas says:

    hi……….. i have cq60-101au & i wanna know, how can i make my touchpad unable N disable,, with that touchpad key(button)…
    plz do reply……….

  69. ashwani says:

    windows vista and 7 are the big bug in the world its made for that person who is retair from the work.

    i give 0 marks for windows 7 and vista to microsoft.
    i have an laptop hp having windows vista which take 5 min to boot after 2 month having no virus it take 30 min to boot.
    my laptop having ram 3gb ctd processor.

    thaks microsoft for big recerch work .

  70. vaishakhi dule says:

    i want all manual installation process of drivers of compaq presario cq60 101au

  71. Ajit says:


  72. Adil says:

    Pls need your help;
    I have Csario ompaq Pre

  73. Adil says:

    Pls need your help;
    I have Csario ompaq Presario CQ50 105EE with Win Vista , I installed Win XP but un able to find the drivers pls help me finding the VIDEO CONTROLLER , TOUCH PAD ,CAMERA and unknown device drivers

  74. chandan says:

    if any one want driver for amy compaq laptop for xp , vist a, win 7 contact me

  75. Abhilash says:

    Hi Chandan, can u send me bluetooth driver for HP Compaq presario CQ60 101AU for XP. My email id:

  76. canice chuby says:

    i need my laptop divers for hp compaq presario cq60- vista

  77. surya says:

    i want cq60-408tu all drivers plz send my mail id friend….

  78. ss says:

    I also have same problem as prakash.My laptop is also give sound from both headphone and from sound device.Once i asked about this problem from HP service Center guy.he said its a problem of Operating System . i have Windows XP.I don’t know is it exactly this problem only or something else also.If anybodu know the solution.please tell

  79. abhi,,, says:

    i have upgrade my ram to 2gb in my compaq cq 60 101 au laptop and install windows 7 my problem is that i can use my external speaker with the audio driver i am using in w7 …can u help me …

  80. Yogesh Kumar says:


    Just connect to internet using wired connection. Than install the hardware driver using System—->Administration —–> Hardware Drivers.

    Than take a reboot and you will get the wifi is working in ubuntu.

    For pointing Device just press the Fn key and F8 and than just again press Fn+F8 to reenable it u will find the pointing device working

  81. manoj says:

    hi All… PlzHelp me with the good link for my notbook drivers Compaq Pesario CQ60

  82. saiprasad says:

    in mannual installation help for audio sound the path cannot be clearly mentioned ex/xp32 only mentioned but i confused the mentioned file is located wer so pls mentioned wer its located ex diskc or d or f

  83. ketan patel says:

    i need bluetooth driver so please send it
    thank you

  84. wigberto rellores says:

    thanks and thank you very much….. now i can do my work nice and so easy….

  85. rituraj says:

    i want compaq presario cq60 101au xp lan driver that support in AMD processor.

  86. Chetan says:

    plz…send me wi-fi driver… my name is chetan and mt ID PLZzz……

  87. rahul says:

    thnx bro

  88. kings says:

    how do i install window xp on compaq laptop cq60 lapto

  89. i hope .
    compaq audio driver is not properly?
    why pls give me sound driver

  90. MuShTaQ says:

    I have already install windows vista but
    my web-cam do not installing automatically
    plz send me link of compaq-presario-cq60-101au’s web-cam driver.

  91. Clayton says:

    I need Ethernet LAN driver for Windows XP for Presario CQ60-418DX

  92. A.A bule tooth driver donwload no why?– donwload no why? vga driver donwload no why? touchpad driver no why? allah haifiz.slowy my problem

  93. debdeep says:

    well i did all that u say for the drivers in windows xp
    all my drivers installed but sound drivers didnt work and windows cannot detect any sound hardware…
    plz give a solution
    i have
    cq 60-101au laptop
    with 3gb ram,160gb hdd, and all features as it is in the compaq website…
    plz give some sol regarding the sound issue

  94. comet says:

    thanks for sharing

  95. vivekelangovan says:

    HI guys,
    I have compaq presario cQ60. I have one problem like suddenly there is no sound from my speakers, even when the volume is high. It gets over only by restarting the lap. But again, it come. Please help me guys.

  96. Vicky says:

    Thanx Buddy….

  97. manohar says:

    i cant intall b-tooth drivers
    help me….

  98. Chase says:

    I have a compaq presario cq-60. when i switch it on nothing appears n the screen but just a white light. what shall i do.

  99. Vishwas G says:

    Thank you very much for detailed instructions. I successfully managed to downgrade my CQ60-101AU to Windows XP. The link to Atheros driver is dead, so I downloaded it from
    It is a larger file, so I was a bit hesitant but the wireless is working fine now. Everything works great and much faster.
    If not for this webpage, I doubt I would have dared to install XP especially since it is not a supported OS by HP Compaq for this model.

  100. Nagendra says:

    Sir I am having problem with my inbuilt microphone please help me………………… Is was installed all drivers is yet install microphone drivers? please help me sir…………………………….

  101. varun says:

    installation of audio driver
    “audio device on hd audio bus” not found in the device mgmt. i completed upto six steps. what to do … give any suggestion

  102. Titoxxx says:

    Pleaase can somebody help me……Just send me Video drivers for compaq presario cq60….please dawgs!!!!! Ill apreciate….

  103. vikas says:

    thanx sir………………

  104. Joaquim says:

    these drivers are compatible with 155EP model?
    (i’m having problems with micro and the disable touchpad button)

  105. KALEEM CHAUDHRY says:


  106. What a frankly incredible blog!

  107. Rakesh patel says:

    Dear Hari….
    I have download compaq preserio CQ60-418dq but not install VGA driver and audio drivers if u have plz send me througt the operating systm is Win XP Sp3..

    Thanks in Advance..

  108. Joaquim Miguel says:

    Rakesh patel:
    try speak with me;)
    maybe, i can help you;)
    i had some problems with my laplop too and now it’s working normaly with xp.
    (if possible, use msn)

  109. glentoran99 says:

    thank you so much for this, nightmare without it

  110. Rakesh patel says:

    Dear Joaquim Miguel,

    i had been done disply driver but not able to install Audio drivers if u have any help plz forword me by the step by step,

    Thanks In advance,

    Rakesh patel

  111. Joaquim Miguel says:

    Rakesh Patel. some drivers can give us errors or even compatible errors(but these can be ignored).
    and the drivers can be installed by installer or by manually.. seems that yours don’t install.
    heres the audio drivers:
    if the installer gives you an error, theres a text file tell you how install it manually;)
    i hope these helps;)
    (ps: Prasad.S.R i hope that you don’t mine that i did these;))

  112. vijay says:

    i want campaq cq60 420sa drivers for xp plz elp me

  113. There’s definately a great deal to learn about this issue. I like all of the points you’ve made.

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