Compaq Presario CQ40-425TU drivers for Windows XP

If you are not able to install Windows XP on this laptop please see this post on how to install windows xp in CQ40-425TU

To successfully install the drivers in Compaq Presario CQ40-425TU Laptop with Windows XP operating System.

I. Get the following drivers and install in the given order.

01. Intel Chipset drivers – Intel INF driver (2MB)

02. Intel Matrix Storage Manager – Intel MSM (21 MB)

03. Intel SATA driver – driver for SATA (3.3MB)

04. VGA/Display – video driver (19 MB)

05. Intel LAN Driver  –Ethernet driver (4.5 MB)

06. Audio/Sound –  (see the install instruction below)

07. Modem – sp33839_Modem with SmartCP.exe(6MB)

08. Wireless – Wireless_driver (29.4 MB)

09. Webcam – sp35414_HP 1.3MP Webcam Software Drivers.exe (5MB)

10. Dotnetfx2.0 – dotnetfx_2.0.exe (22MB)

11. Touchpad – Synaptics Touchpad.exe (6MB)

12. Quick launch – Quick launch buttons.exe (14MB)

13. Card Reader – driver for card-reader (3.3 MB)

14. Bluetooth – driver for bluetooth (98 MB)

15.HDMI Audio – HDMI-R203.exe (15 MB)

I. To install Audio driver on CQ40-425TU please follow these steps


1. download CQ40-425TU audio driver (18 MB)  OR SP39671_IDT High Definition Audio CODEC (19MB)

2. Unzip the file to a folder then install Hotfix – kb888111 first ” \SP39671\HDAQFE\xpsp2\us\kb888111xpsp2.exe “

3. Now install the audio driver ” \SP39671\ setup.exe “

4. Do not reboot. Now you should be able to hear the audio. If not goto ” Device manager>System Devices>Microsoft    UAA Bus Driver… > Right Click – Disable ” then Enable it again and follow steps 2 and 3.

5. After you hear the audio output proceed to next step, don’t reboot.


6. download “devcon” utility from microsoft.  (78KB)

7. Unzip ‘devcon.exe’ and copy the ‘ I386\DevCon.exe ‘ file to ‘ C:\Windows\system32 ‘

8. Start > RUN > cmd

9. In the prompt type (without quotes) ” devcon find pci*

10. Scroll up and look for a line before ” Microsoft UAA Bus driver for High Defenision Audio” some thing like this “PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_055C&SUBSYS_30EA103C&REV_A1\3&2411E6FE&0&38: Microsoft UAA Bus
Driver for High Definition Audio”


11. Now copy the under lined part from your command prompt by “right clicking on the Title bar>Edit>Mark” and mark the line u need to copy (till the under lined part only) hit “Enter” to copy.

12. In the desktop create a text file called ‘ audio.txt ‘and paste it replacing the underlined characters as shown below with qoutes.


14. Save the file and rename it to ” audio.bat ” now copy it to ” C:\Documents and Settings\User\Start Menu\Programs\Startup “

15. Thats all now you will be able to hear audio every time you reboot.


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26 Responses to Compaq Presario CQ40-425TU drivers for Windows XP

  1. pawan says:

    i purchase new compaq persalino cq40-425-tu
    it has not suucsessfully in blue thuth operation please suppor or guidance for me.

    • sahbaz says:

      it is bcoz you doesn’t not have any bluetooth hardware in your laptop but only infrared hardware. for bluetooth hardware you need to purchase it at $5 or Rs.250

  2. rohit says:

    i have purchased it with window vista it is good looking but processing is slow

  3. shashank veerkar says:

    None of you link is working for downloading drivers.
    It is redirecting to a chinese page

  4. Jitesh says:

    Hi !
    your information is very helping & I am able to install all drivers in my laptop cq40-425 except sound driver . after restart ,Xp is not loading sound driver even after using devcon utility as u discribed.I have saved devcon.exe in path(C:\WINDOWS\devcon\i386) & made ibt.bat saved on location(C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup). In ibt.bat i have mentioned command line as follows—
    C:\WINDOWS\devcon\i386\devcon.exe restart “PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_293E&SUBSYS_30F7103C&REV_03\3&B1BFB68&0&D8”
    Is my method is right or there is any flaw in it !! Can anybody suggest any other way ?? Pls help !! my mail id is –>

  5. prasad says:

    The problem is you have copied the command from the website and then edited on it. The double quotes remains (“PCI…. “) The quotes which you copy from the web interface is not the same as you type in from keyboard. Hope this will solve your problem.

  6. vasu says:

    unable to install audio drivers please give me another solution

  7. senthil says:

    thank you for the suggestion i am having cq40-601tu laptop i have formatted the disk and installed the xp only but i couldnt get audio,vga, drivers as you suggested it was a chineese sit e so i count get so please help to install audio and vga drivers

  8. prashant says:

    for sound in xp for cq40-425tu…. just click
    tried and tested. ….

  9. David C. says:

    Finally, received what I’m searching!! I absolutely enjoying every a bit of it. Ecstatic I stumbled in to this post! and also I’ve bookmarked to see unique information for your post.

  10. om kaushiki says:

    plz sir give me website name for downloading video & audio driver for xp compaq cq40 317tu.

  11. pls give a link for downnloading BT driver

  12. my BT is not working properly

  13. maruthi says:

    hi ,i have purchased compaq presario 40-425 tu i need .inf file in order to avoid that blue screen iam unable to get that please tell me where can i get free download

  14. maruthi says:

    hi ,i have purchased compaq presario 40-425 Tu , i am unable to get sata drivers that is .inf to create new xp cd using nlite
    so tell me where can i find that for free

  15. Remeth Lobo says:

    i need drivers for my lappy CQ40 425TU and I have Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, which set of drivers can I install from the above list ? Or is there other set of drivers for Windows 7 ?


  16. Pingback: Compaq Presario CQ40-601TU drivers for Windows XP | AYAMROCKER BY JOHN HAWK

  17. Ravindra says:

    i have compaq presario CQ40-601tu laptop, last few days my Bluetooth device not working, pl. guide

  18. amar says:

    hello followings links provided above are not available now please somesome provide me anotherlinks for the same

    01. Intel Chipset drivers – Intel INF driver (2MB)
    04. VGA/Display – video driver (19 MB)
    05. Intel LAN Driver -Ethernet driver (4.5 MB)
    07. Modem – sp33839_Modem with SmartCP.exe(6MB)
    08. Wireless – Wireless_driver (29.4 MB)
    13. Card Reader – driver for card-reader (3.3 MB)
    15.HDMI Audio – HDMI-R203.exe (15 MB)

  19. damu says:

    sir i can purchased compaq presario cq40-425tu,my processor is pentium dual core very slow,Bt is nt working

  20. joby says:

    i need audio driver for compaq cq40-425TU supporting xp

  21. billusmart says:

    hlo i jst changed ma os from vista to win 7 in compaq presario webcom nt working….pls help me

  22. vivek kumar says:

    hi Ihave purchased compaque prasario cq40-425tu it is not installing sound device please reply your ans in brief

  23. sir plz……Audio Driver Instaltation Demo …..

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